Kickstarter + Art Basel

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Art has always been a hugely important aspect of Kickstarter. We’ve seen everything from art on a traveling truck to a musical house to the painting of an entire neighborhood. People from all over the world have pledged more than $40 million to art projects. There are hundreds of great art projects live now — in diverse subcategories like ceramics, public art, mixed media and illustration.

Our enthusiasm for art of all kinds is part of why we’re so excited that Art Basel, which stages the world’s premier international art fairs on three continents, has chosen to launch a partnership with us. Their new curated page will feature projects by non-profit visual arts organizations organizations, and they’re starting with four great ones:

  • 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art wants to stage a multi-disciplinary exhibition with the Chinese artist collective Yangjiang Group in Sydney’s Chinatown neighborhood. 
  • Gasworks, a London-based organization that promotes international artist exchanges, seeks support to build additional artist studios. 
  • The Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound is looking for support to produce a concert of new contemporary sound works in the scenic hills of Greater Los Angeles. 
  • SculptureCenter, New York City’s only contemporary art institution dedicated to sculpture, seeks funding for the first solo museum survey in the United States of Thai artist Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook.

Art Basel’s powerful imprimatur will help the organizations behind these projects and the artists involved to get the attention they deserve. You can read a bit more about this initiative in the New York Times or on Art Basel’s website. We can’t wait to see more beautiful, innovative and thought-provoking art come to life.

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      amarok on

      9-16-14 the new website has left out something critical for me as a backer !!!!!
      the old website had a eay. user friendly way to peruse over all the projects...i especially liked that i could check out projectas that were going to "end soon" i don 't miss out...or...ones that were recently that perhaps i could get an early bird special...and the many other ways to check out all the projects...where can i go to do that now???? i'm at a loss & am not sure that i'll be wading thru everything as it is today...can anyone help me & direct me as to how i can check out these things???

      thank ahead of time...please reply!!!

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