Join us at the Kickstarter Games Festival: Ghost Arcade

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Is there a better way to herald the most spine-tingling night of the year than hanging out with your favorite Kickstarter Games creators in an otherworldly arcade? On October 29 at BRIC in Fort Greene Brooklyn, you’ll get to experience video and tabletop games firsthand from New York-based creators — fantastic games like Ghost Pirates, Guns of Icarus, Pixel Noir, and the artful Decemberists-Keith Baker collaboration, Illimat. Blackbox, a new venture from the Cards Against Humanity team, will be setting up a pop-up shop so you can take your favorite games home (we think they make excellent Halloween treats). Confidently abandon your respective realities and step into the Ghost Arcade with us on October 29. Share your get-ups and good times with us by using the tag #KickstarterArcade

We've looked into our archives to find project tips from three Ghost Arcade creators: Shawn Alexander Allen (Treachery In Beatdown City), Alyssa Gundred (Empire: The Game of New York), and Howard Tsao (Guns of Icarus). Below you’ll find their advice on how to build your community and run a successful project.


“If you're doing a games Kickstarter, people should know who you are. If you think that you're going to hit Twitter once a week, and people are actually going to notice what you're doing, that's not going to happen...You have to be on your social media, coming up with new ways to say, "Hey, this thing that I'm working on..." –– Shawn Alexander Allen

 “Hitting smaller streamers can actually get you a higher rate of return. I was watching a stream where it was a guy who was like, "Oh, your game looks cool, I want to stream it." Ten people showed up to view it; one person backed it. That's pretty good.” –– Shawn Alexander Allen

 "People say there's no community building during a Kickstarter campaign, and I don't agree with that, because the thing is is that you're still reaching out to people, and if people are backing your project, and if you're doing press things and people are reading about [your game], that's new people." –– Shawn Alexander Allen

 "Leveraging social media is huge. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram are all good ways to get your message out. You can tailor custom ads to go directly to your Kickstarter campaign that are targeted directly to the people who want to buy your game. BoardGameGeek is huge. I definitely recommend that people explore it. If you've never been on it before please read all of the documentation." –– Alyssa Gundred

 "Once you've launched, and you've got backers, I think it's super important to engage them on your progress." –– Alyssa Gundred

"Show them the fun parts of creating a game, too, because people start anticipating the delivery of the game, and that way it's fun for everybody." –– Alyssa Gundred

"There's a university group, there is an indie developer group. There are also people hosting Meetups, and I think it's really beneficial to join them, to join those groups, and just kind of hang out." –– Howard Tsao

"If, say, a YouTuber decided to take a liking to the game and pick it up...or a streamer decides to stream the game, it's actually immensely powerful." –– Howard Tsao

The Ghost Arcade is free and open to all. Wear your costume!
Saturday, October 29 11AM–7PM
BRIC House, 647 Fulton Street Fort Greene, Brooklyn

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