Join Kickstarter + Cards Against Humanity at Gen Con 2016

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Hundreds of Games creators, award-winning artists, and sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts will descend on Indianapolis from August 4–7 for Gen Con, one of the largest tabletop gaming conventions in North America — and we’ve teamed up with Cards Against Humanity to host a brilliant bunch of games for your dice-rolling, tile-laying, card-swapping pleasure. Adventure awaits!

Peruse the playful assortment of Kickstarted games you’ll find in the Cards Against Humanity Hidey Hole at GenCon 2016:


The dieselpunk dystopia of CRISIS
The dieselpunk dystopia of CRISIS


 CRISISGrease the right palms to evade crisis in this dystopian game of economics and corruption.

FugitiveNab ‘em or get out as fast as you can!

Phoenix: Dawn CommandLessons you learn in your past lives carry over to the next.

Defeat monstrous supernatural foes in Rifts
Defeat monstrous supernatural foes in Rifts


 RiftsExpanding the popular RPG Savage Worlds with magic, monsters, cyber-knights, and mystics.

SantoriniCompete to become the Aegean’s most helpful Greek god or goddess.

TakYou'll never beat someone the same way twice. 

VastPlay as a knight, a goblin horde, a dragon, a thief, or just about anything else in this classic cave-crawling adventure.

World Championship Russian RouletteYou’re the captain of your nation's Russian Roulette team. Yep.

7th Sea
7th Sea


 7th SeaA beautifully bound RPG manual for swashbuckling adventures on the high seas.

…. and more! You might even find a Carolina Game Table to take home with you.


Unlock a bounty of knowledge from Luke Crane, Kickstarter’s Head of Games.

Official Kickstarter Panel 

Westin, Capitol II, Friday, August 5 from 2–3:00 PM

Everything you've ever wanted to know about Kickstarter but were too smart — or shy, or confused — to ask. Learn about success, failure, preparation, and myths surrounding Kickstarter.

Kickstarter War Stories 

Crowne Plaza, Victoria Stn C/D. Saturday, August 6 from 12–1:00 PM 

Sit down with Luke Crane and a group of seasoned Kickstarter creators to hear tales of honor, despair, and derring do about getting games made with Kickstarter.

Can’t make it to GenCon? 

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