Jens Pulver Update

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Tonight is Jens Pulver’s big mixed martial arts fight, the centerpiece of Gregory Bayne’s documentary that was recently funded on Kickstarter and likely the last fight of Pulver’s career.

For the project’s backers, the past week has been amazing. Bayne has been posting images like the ones above and below as Pulver goes through his final training. (Note that all of the project’s updates have been for backers only.)

Thanks to both Pulver and Bayne for the extraordinary access, and best of luck to Jens in his match.

SAD UPDATE: As Bayne detailed in a post late on Saturday night. Pulver lost his match. Greg’s post:

If you didn’t tune in, I’m sad to be the bearer of bad news… Jens lost his bout via a tap out when Javier held him in what looked to be an excruciating arm-bar.

True to the Jens Pulver I’ve come to know and love though, he was beyond gracious in defeat, as the entire arena erupted in cheers of love and support as he both entered, and left the arena.

Through this process I’ve truly come to love the man as family. He is the absolute kindest, most giving human being I have ever met. While, I must admit I’m personally heartbroken for Jens, knowing how hard he has worked, how much he has sacrificed, this film has always been about the man, and never the outcome of this fight.

Backers of the project and Pulver began to chime in leave encouraging comments like this one:

Jens has already proven himself time and time again as a champion inside and outside of the cage. Obviously tonight’s loss is heartbreaking. But true to cliche, it’s about the entire war and not just one battle. Jens Pulver has fought a legendary war, and will continue to be an inspiration to me and so many others.Can’t wait to see the film.

Thanks again to the extraordinary access Bayne and Pulver are affording their fans. It’s been an incredible experience.

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