Introducing the New Drip

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In 2012, the record label Ghostly International launched Drip as a way for people to support musicians through subscriptions. Though niche, Drip was a pioneering service. You could see the potential. Almost two years ago, Drip became a part of Kickstarter instead of shutting down.

Kickstarter is for projects, Drip is for people.

Today we launch a new Drip for artists and creators across the full spectrum of disciplines we support on Kickstarter. Just as artists, authors, game designers, musicians, and filmmakers use Kickstarter to fund and build community around their projects, Drip is a tool for people to fund and build community around their ongoing creative practice.

Built to be expansive.

In recent years, we’ve seen the growing validation of subscriptions for serial online content creators — podcasters, YouTubers, bloggers — using tools like Flattr, Patreon, and Steady. It's been great to see organizations build tools like these — the world is far from having too many tools for creators. But there remain large groups of artists and creators who don’t see subscriptions as fitting their creative practices. Our goal with the new Drip is to change that.

Focused on creator independence.

A key mandate for the design of Drip has been creator independence. The work and relationships that creators build online should belong to them. They shouldn’t feel stuck to a platform because those things aren’t easy to move. With that in mind, creators will be able to export their data and content, and we’ll even help creators securely transfer subscription and payments information to other subscription platforms. We believe creator independence means not being locked into a platform by design.

The basics

Launching a Drip is simple. Describe what you do. Think about what you can offer subscribers: things like access to your work, latest releases, IRL experiences, or something as simple as behind-the-scenes access and updates on your works-in-progress. Human-to-human stuff. Fans, friends, and new audiences can now subscribe to support your work on an ongoing basis — not just project-to-project.

Founding membership

Every Drip begins with a founding membership period to help creators build momentum. The founding membership period is a way for creators to entice their fans, friends, and new audiences to jump in and build up their base of support. (This is not all-or-nothing like Kickstarter, but it does build on our experience that a strong call to action is essential.) Creators can offer their founding members special rewards or status for jumping in early. We know creators will be really creative with how they think of founding memberships, and we’re excited to see how it’s put to use.

Made by Kickstarter

On Kickstarter, more than 13 million people around the world have pledged $3+ billion to fund more than 100,000 creative projects. In the eight years since we launched Kickstarter, our designs have become the standard template for funding across the web. In building the new Drip, it’s been exciting to have a clean slate to reconsider how to present creators and their work. We wanted to create something that felt light and kept creators — not Drip — as the focus.

We also designed Drip to be both separate from but complementary to Kickstarter. One way we’ve done that is that existing Kickstarter users can use their stored account and payment details to easily support creators on Drip.

Creators to check out

For now, Drip is invite-only — the artists and creators joining us in the new Drip launch represent some of the most compelling creators working in their fields. Here are a few creators you can support now:

We plan to open Drip up to more creators early next year. Please drop your email at the bottom of the Drip homepage to be notified. In the meantime, check back to see new Drips from more artists in the coming months. This is just the beginning of the Drip experiment. We have a lot more in store, still, so keep an eye out.


We will operate Drip with the mission and values codified in Kickstarter’s Public Benefit Corporation charter, which mandate our commitment to helping people bring their creative projects to life, not putting profit first, and maintaining higher standards for our practices. We think these commitments are more important now than ever.

Thanks for reading, and please check out the new Drip (located at