Introducing the Community Tab

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It takes just one person to launch a Kickstarter project, but that’s only the beginning.

Behind every successful campaign is a community of people who want to help the creator’s idea come to life. More than 10 million people from 231 countries and territories have supported creative projects on Kickstarter. That spirit of community and global demonstration of generosity is something we wanted to celebrate. So we created the Community Tab: a new way to put the people who make projects possible front and center.


If you’re a creator, the Community Tab makes it easy for you to get to know the backers who are pushing your project forward. It puts faces to names, shows you who’s new to Kickstarter, who’s backed projects before, and even highlights the top cities and countries where your backers are from.

If you’re backing a project, the Community Tab shows you the power of people coming together to build a more creative world with Kickstarter. You’re in great company.

Want to see it in action? Check out the Community Tab on some Projects We Love, and read more about it in our FAQ.