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Introducing Subcategories

As the number of live projects grows by the day (more than 2,500 are funding at this very second!) the need for strong discovery tools has never been greater. As a result, today we’re introducing subcategories on Kickstarter. Really into documentaries? Looking for the next great product design phenom like the TikTok? With our new subcategory pages you can now find them.

See for yourself! Clicking a category on the Discover page will display its associated subcategories. Art, for instance, reveals this:

Not every genre has a subcategory. This isn’t a slight on all the Post-Conceptual Renaissance Potters out there; we’re merely focusing on the primary groupings for now. Over time we’ll be adding more, and if your project doesn’t fit under one of the options simply choose the top-level category instead.

We’ve been working on this project for the past several months, debating which subgenres to include and subcategorizing more than 10,000 completed projects in the process. We’re excited to finally bring it to you, as well as the many amazing projects we hope you’ll uncover as a result. Enjoy!


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