Introducing Advanced Search

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Today we’re excited to make a major change in the way people discover projects on Kickstarter. We’ve long wanted (and you've long requested) the ability to search for projects in a more precise way.  With our new Advanced Search, you can dig deep using a whole batch of filters — location, category, launch date, popularity, and tags. You can then sort those results however you want, including by "magic," which shows you what's bubbling up right now across categories and subcategories. 

One of the coolest things about Advanced Search is that it's modular and gives you a lot of control! For example, you can now pair subcategory with location, look at popular projects sorted by end date, or use any unique combination of filters you can think of. If you're only interested in Comics projects tagged #Zombies, well, you’re in luck. And if you've connected Facebook to Kickstarter, you've got another filter: projects your friends are backing. Add a filter to your search using the green plus sign, and remove a filter using the X.

We’ve been testing our Advanced Search in the office for a few weeks, and we've found a lot of interesting ways to use it. Here are a few of our favorites: 

 - Art projects in London, UK 

- All Projects that are Staff Picks in Canada

- Food Truck projects in California 

- All Projects on Earth tagged #Space

Tabletop Game projects in Utah 

- Art projects tagged #Arctic

- Live projects in Documentary Film by Popularity

- Fashion projects on Earth tagged Zombies 

- Successfully Funded projects in All Categories tagged #Movie Theater 

- Successfully Funded projects in All Categories sorted by Launch Date 

- Design projects in Vermont 

- All Projects on Earth with > $1 Million pledged sorted by Magic

    1. Ron Fitzherbert on

      Nice move in the right direction. Need to fix a few little issues with the interface and add some more functionality (such as the ability to NOT and a way to save a search to ones profile). However, the search changes and the recent changes to Back History definitely are great improvements in the overall Backer experience.


    2. Simple Wallet on

      My view is that it brings clutter, and takes away the simplicity which I loved about kickstarter over other crowd funding sites. I believe the easiest way is to give a 7 day data in terms of decline in number of dollar raise or an increase, that will ultimately decide what is the best for every kickstarter as well as your company. I just took a look at some data and the pledges have been downsized to 1/3 today for most of projects. I just hope it doesn't go that way and if it does, I hope you guys make a change. Wish all the best.

    3. Jigsaw Furnishings on

      As a creator, I would like to know more about the "magic" sort and how a project falls into that sort since that appears to be the new default, and our project does not show up in that sort. Also, please explain how "popular" is different than "bubbling up". I like the added features, but I'm afraid that the default sort is going to put a damper on our project's growing success.

    4. Christian Steudtner on


      It is really good to see that you improve the search function. Imo one of the hardest part is to find interesting projects, so anything helping with that is a good addition! (But yeah, would be nice to know what magic is behind the "magic" sort :x )

    5. Ryan

      FINALLY! I've been suggesting something like this for months. I think I even sent a mail to you guys about it. Finally we can search by "launch date". I'm so glad you finally added that because I feel not having that makes it really hard for new projects to get noticed. Now not only are people able to see all the newer projects like you already allowed. but all the newer projects within a specific category. I think this will certainly help smaller projects who don't have a huge name behind them to get noticed

    6. Trond Klakken

      Finally! Nice done :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Andreas Fatum on

      Great job! And thanks for listening to the feedback :-)

    8. Missing avatar

      canvas Frames on

      This is very nice to hear about the new advanced search status updated. It will really help the people to make them eased in their project winning and pave the way for their working:)
      There are hundreds of things which matters in canvas among these it is the first :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Joel et Monique Bautista on

      HI everyone, we have launched “ Haitian delights" recently on Kickstarter, and we believe even if we go to family or friends but we need OTHER PEOPLE TO ENJOY in a easier way to discover projects, or they wont hear about them until it is too late, backers might be interested so take a look

    10. Missing avatar

      Joel et Monique Bautista on

      By the way, it's great to get an advanced search...

    11. Proto Games on

      I'd love to see more staff picks, thats how I found my favorite projects! Staff Picks feel a little hidden. I miss having a spotlight to what you guys are excited about on each category. Thanks for being awesome!

    12. ali taufik on

      Great for advance search kickstarter !

    13. Brett Schwarzenbek on

      This is a MUCH needed feature and I am glad the Kickstarter introduced it. Hopefully the option is added to the iOS app soon. I would also suggest adding an RSS feed for any search you conduct. I would love a feed for all new projects in a specific category.

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

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    15. Cole N Mica Carawan on

      Will there be the ability to save searches coming?

    16. Kristopher Earl Taylor Jr on

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    17. Missing avatar

      Evan Hurwitz on

      This search is well and good, but it's absolutely awful if you know the name of the project you want to find and have to now sift through endless misses instead of just typing the title into a search field. At least offer the old simple search for people who know what they want.

    18. Kristen Tabor on

      Is there any way to limit searches to what's actually active? When I'm browsing a category, I don't want to see a thousand things when there are only two dozen active projects. It's frustrating

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

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    20. Missing avatar

      Zdenek on

      Can you also add ability to create a weekly email digest of new projects based on my advanced search ? That way I will never miss a new project that I like to know about.

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

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    22. David M.Betts on


    23. Missing avatar

      Ann W Hunt on

      I too am finding this search cumbersome and annoying. I am using Mac OSX 10.6.8 and firefox. I am unable to quickly find and locate projects.

    24. Josi Sonali on

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    25. Cortex R&D Inc. on

      Great search engine. But I would really need to use the "-something" to exclude a string (or the NOT keyword). Being able to force exclusion is standard in most search engines nowadays, and so useful.

      For example, try to find a project that contains RFID but not talking about WALLET. Very hard. You have to scrolll through endless pages and filter visually one by one. Very tedious.

    26. Missing avatar

      Namaku Keren on

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    27. Missing avatar

      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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