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Inside Leaving A Disposable Camera in the Park

Last Saturday, we spent an afternoon with project creator Katie O'Beirne, a young lady with a very simple idea that has turned into a very big adventure — leaving a disposable camera in the park. Katie buys a camera, secures it to a park bench with twine, and then simply waits to see what pictures random passer-by will take. The endeavor has quickly grown from a local experiment into an international phenomenon, with disposable cameras being placed in public spaces as far away as Stockholm and Tokyo. The results, which are as varying, diverse and kooky as you'd imagine, can be found on Katie's New York Shots tumblr

Watch our video (above) for a glimpse of our day with Katie, and check out a few of the photos that were captured (below). We hope you enjoy!


    1. Creator Yancey Strickler on November 11, 2011

      What a great project. Congratulations Katie!

    2. Creator Ginger Sanders on November 11, 2011

      That is totally cool. If we left one here it might FREEZE!

    3. Creator Sioux Cassini on November 12, 2011

      What a FUN-tastic idea~! I <3 it!!!

    4. Creator Mark Gebhardt on November 14, 2011

      Fantastic concept! All the best.

    5. Creator Vincent J Scimeca (Spoons) on December 28, 2011

      I loved your concept ,but being cynical ,I'm surprised it wasn't stolen????Or was it??? And if so which neighborhood's could be trusted and which ones couldn't?? Either way I love your honest from the heart faith in man kind...Great job!!.......Spoons...