In the Studio with Jolby

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Artists Josh and Colby have been working side-by-side for so long that they claim to “have formed a single brain in the process.” The condition might be a challenge biologically speaking, but it’s been nothing but a boon to their collaborative spirit. The two friends have run Portland-based design and illustration studio Jolby since 2005, creating everything from album art to apparel and handmade cards. “The King’s 6th Finger” —  an idiosyncratic children’s tale about a cruel king obsessed with the number five — will mark their first foray into publishing, and their Kickstarter project will help them get there. 

During a recent email exchange, Josh reveals that the concept for the story came to them in a dream…literally. “[Colby] woke up one day with the first rhyme of the book in his head and ended up with a poem called ‘The King’s 6th Finger,’” he explains. “Years later, we asked Rachel Roellke to take a look at it and help out with some editing. She immediately saw a much longer, more complex story, and built the poem into a full-length children’s book.”

We love it! And we love the mini video tour of the Jolby studio they sent over (above), along with some sample pages from the book-in-progress. Check ‘em out! You can support their ongoing project here

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