The Kickstarter Film Fest in Photos

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The Second Annual Kickstarter Film Festival took place last Saturday and, as with most things the second time around, it was bigger, better, wilder, and other descriptive adjectives implying total amazingness. There was good food to eat, people to meet, and the films were wonderful. We laughed, we cried, we applauded. Here's a recap in photos.

Perry and Kendel, surveying the letters.

The crowd mills in the courtyard, sampling Phin & Phebe's signature Fluffnut ice-cream, and snagging bags of super-spiced popcorn from What Happens When.

Colonie, a Brooklyn Heights restaurant, passed out ceviche cradled in fried corn tortilla bowls. Yum!

Everything is illuminated: Physical GIF wowed festival-goers with a demonstration of their turntable zoetrope. Watch these little guys spin, and they look liked animated GIFs! Enjoying the show: Penny and Brian from festival selection Our Nixon.

The crowd in the courtyard watches the films; we watch the crowd in the courtyard.

Watching trees dance and eat people in surrealistic masterpiece The Beast Pageant.

Seats not required! Some festival-goers took straight to the rooftop, picnic style.

Surprise! Girl Walk // All Day delighted the audience with a closing dance performance. Dai Omiya kicked it off with a wild tapdance on the fire escape. 

Dai was joined by Anne Marsen and John Doyle for some wild improv dance maneuvers, which were projected on both movie screens for all to see. The crowd went nuts! Those on the roof rushed the edge of the building to gaze down on the dancers and those in the courtyard leaped to their feet in delight. 

Anne, John, and Dai descend on the crowd.

Freaker USA closed the night by parking their Grilled Cheese Truck out front and holding an impromptu grilled cheese party that lasted late into the night.

  For more snaps, you can check out Fred's Flickr collection.

Thanks to everyone for coming out to this year's festival. We had an incredible night, and hope you did too. Can't wait for the next one!

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