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Kickstarter is thrilled to once again be a part of IDEAS CITY at the New Museum. This year, we’ve invited a number of projects (MaKey MaKey, Impossible Project, Balloon Mapping, Walk [Your City], Sportsfriends) to join us to create what we are calling "Kickstarter and the Creative City." The festival kicks off at 11 am on Saturday May 4th on Bowery, right outside the New Museum.

Here's a quick breakdown of all you can expect to see at, what we are calling, "Kickstarter and the Creative City." 

MaKey MaKey 

Co-creator Eric Rosenbaum and producer j.viewz bring you a MaKey MaKey powered musical installation where participants get to be both musician and instrument. Performances will take place  between 1-5pm.

The Impossible Instant Lab

The debut of the Impossible Project's Instant Lab! See the Lab in action and contribute your photos to our StreetFest gallery. Submit your photos on Instagram using @ImpossibleProject and #tipcity. 

Walk [Your City]

Explore a series of Lower East Side walking tours, created by the "guerilla wayfinding" project creator CityFabric, & LES's own Fourth Arts Block! All routes start at the Kickstarter booth, where you can learn more about this project and plan a route for your own neighborhood.


Balloon Mapping

Members of the Public Lab community are leading missions to map the StreetFest using a giant, collaboratively built 100-balloon rig. They'll be doing live demos of MapKnitter, their free open-source software, using the images collected on missions. Join us Saturday May 4 at 10:30am on Rivington St near Bowery to help us build the rig and send it on its maiden journey!


We're excited to present a Sportsfriends bonanza featuring Hokra & BaraBariBall! Meet the creators of these ingenious games and try them out for yourself. Guaranteed fun for the whole family.

If you're free on Saturday May 4th, we'd love to see you!


    1. Click_icon_whtprl.small

      Creator Be Good Today Inc. on April 25, 2013

      the balloon mapping is pretty interesting

    2. Missing_small

      Creator Gabriela De Bernardi on April 25, 2013

      Could I have a complete balloon mapping kit sent to Lima Perú in South América?

    3. Amazonian_150x150.small

      Creator Curtis Faith on April 26, 2013

      It's so good to be a maker in today's world. How can we sign up to help?

    4. Stephaniepereira-headshot.small

      Creator Stephanie Pereira on April 29, 2013

      @Curtis if you are in the area, come by at 10:30am for the balloon-rig build. We will be on Rivington where it intersects with Bowery. Follow @PublicLab for updates!

    5. Screen_shot_2013-02-06_at_15.54.24.small

      Creator Kelly Angood on May 1, 2013

      This looks SO GOOD! Wish I was in NY for it.

    6. Img_20130912_075219.small

      Creator Kristopher Earl Taylor Jr on January 24

      Are You Having Trouble Decorating a Room? EarlTaylorJr 'Abstract Digital Art' Is The Perfect Solution!