How to Participate in Signs of Change, Kickstarter’s Upcoming Open Call

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Signs of Change is Kickstarter’s upcoming open call for posters, signs, zines, and broadsides, launching in Summer 2020. 

Here, we answer some questions creators might have about taking part. 

What is Signs of Change? 

Signs of Change is an invitation for artists, designers, printers, and writers to launch projects that make a statement. Your voice—and your work—matters, and we're here to help you get it out of your head and into your community. 

What can I make? 

Use printed materials to share an idea that matters to you or a call to action. You could screenprint signs for a march, Xerox zines for your band, or print poetry broadsides for your readers. 

Does my project have to be political? 

No. For example, you could create a zine about how to work with local libraries or a poster outlining your community's best parks for bird-watching. 

Do stickers count? 

Yep, projects to create stickers count. (Projects to create enamel pins do not.)

How do I participate? 

To participate in Signs of Change, follow these steps: 

  • Create a Kickstarter project for a poster, sign, zine, or broadside 
  • Put Signs of Change in your project title or short description 
  • Launch your project anytime between July 13 and August 31, 2020

Reach out to us with additional questions at signsofchange [at] kickstarter [dot] com and we’ll do our best to help out. 

How will Kickstarter promote Signs of Change projects? 

Throughout July and August, we’ll share live Signs of Change projects on our site, on social media, and in our newsletters. 

How long does my campaign need to run? And do I have to raise a certain amount? 

When it comes to campaign duration, the shorter the sweeter. Consider running a campaign for a week, then fulfill it the following week. The same thing goes for your funding goal: consider setting it at $500-$750; if you raise more, you can always up your production run. 

What types of projects will not be considered? 

We will only consider creative projects that follow Kickstarter's rules. This means we will not consider any projects containing hate speech, raising money for a political candidate, or fundraising for a charity. We will not consider any projects that feature prohibited items.

Ready to start drafting your Signs of Change project? Head here to get started.