How It's Done

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Yesterday, the project Unbunny’s “Black Strawberries” Limited-Edition LP was posted on Kickstarter. It’s by a blogger named Ryan Catbird, and its goal is to do a vinyl reissue of a record by his favorite artist, a virtual unknown. And yet right now, just one day later, Unbunny’s “Black Strawberries” has raised $1,111. Let’s figure out why.

The first thing that jumps out about this project is the rewards breakdown. As you can see below, each reward has a parenthetical number next to it. That tells you how many people have picked that option.

The $40 “Deluxe Edition” gets you the vinyl, which is hand-numbered and signed by the artist, and it’s currently the most popular pick by an almost two to one margin (earlier today it was even larger; a rush of twenty-buckers since). This is an example of someone pricing their reward and knowing their audience well. Really good job. (I picked the $20 option.)

Ryan’s explanation of why he wants to reissue this record is well put. He makes a case for the music, and he makes a case by talking about what it means to him. He makes you care.

The final part of Unbunny’s early success is that Ryan Catbird is a well-known blogger, and he has promoted his project well. Here’s a screenshot:

Very prominent callout. Ryan is doing it right. One of our model projects thus far.