How Do You Do ... A Short Film on a Tiny Budget?

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We asked a few of our favorite filmmakers for their tips and advice on making a short film for very little money — say, $500 or less. (That's very little money in film terms, if not, like, security-deposit or parking-ticket terms.) Watch above to see what they had to say.

You can also watch plenty of great work by any one of these generous folks, including:

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      Craig Brown on

      I made this film on a microbudget, it cost me a 2nd VHS copy of "A few good men" & a 6 pack of beer.…

    2. Drew Zoller on

      Thanks Jesse "never underestimate the power of beer" Burks- good advice for filmmaking and life in general

    3. David Austin on

      $500? Thptptp! You can do a great video for well under $100 if you really work on it and are creative and follow good principles. Most of your should be spent on good lighting (which can be free depending on your strategy) and audio ... get friends to help out ... tell them it's a kickstarter and sell it to them. If your idea is truly awesome and they love it (note: only 10% of all kickstarters succeed so it has to be incredible, in which case private funding might be your best option instead) then you might get people to work double (if it succeeds) or nothing.

    4. Nitsuh Abebe

      Good news, David: a LOT more than 10% of Kickstarter projects succeed. You can keep up with the stats at the link below -- right now it's nearly 40%!

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      Martha on

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      Namaku Keren on

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      teguhbejo on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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