Seven Things You Need to Make a Great Project Video

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Imagine this: you're setting up your project on Kickstarter, excitedly filling out your goal and rewards — and then you reach the Story tab and it's time to upload your project video.

Maybe you're a filmmaker or you have some friends that can help you make a project video. In that case, you're probably all set. If you've never made a video on your own, though, we know that this step can feel daunting — so we're here to share that the secrets to a good project video are pretty simple. All you need is a webcam or smartphone, decent lighting, whatever you're making, and of course, you! Here's how you can do it all on your own, or with some help from a friend –– no fancy equipment or paid marketing services needed.

 So, to recap, here are the seven things you need to make a project video on your own:

1. Your webcam or smartphone.

2. Good lighting is a must. Shoot near a window or outside on a sunny day.

3. A quiet and tidy space. You want viewers to focus on you and your project, not any clutter or noise in the background.

4. A script that you've planned out ahead of time. Remember to introduce yourself, your project, and why you're excited about it.

5. A buddy who can help with holding the camera.

6. What you're making! Show us your project, sketches, prototypes, photos, your workspace –– anything that will get backers excited about your idea.

7. And last but not least, you! Introduce us to the person (or persons) behind this new, wonderful, and exciting idea. 

"It's that easy!" But if you're in need of more inspiration...

Many creators have shared feedback on this very subject. Twenty-three people shared pointers on this Campus thread about making a great video on a limited budget. And we loved director and writer Ryan Dunlap's response so much that we asked him to do a guest post on the subject of videos. After reading that, don't forget to look at projects in your category to see how other creators use their project videos to convey their message. But, as always, be you! The most important thing is that your video conveys who you are, what you're working on, and why you're excited to share it.

We're looking forward to seeing your project video! If you'd like to share it with us, drop us a message on Twitter @KickstarterTips (and don't forget to follow us for more video resources).