Helping Projects Affected By Hurricane Sandy

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Kickstarter is proud to call New York City home, and we've felt the impact of Hurricane Sandy deeply within our community. In the past week, we've watched countless projects reach out to each other to offer extra space, a helping hand, and words of support to friends, neighbors, and strangers.

On this page we've collected a few of the projects we've seen that have offered assistance or been affected themselves. If we've missed any, feel free to drop them in the comments. We'll update our list accordingly.

Printed Matter is seeking donations to replace damaged inventory and mitigate cleanup costs. Donate here.

Eyebeam experienced significant structural damage and is calling for volunteers to help rebuild.

Leon Reid IV's studio flooded, resulting in damage to both artwork and materials. He is seeking support

Triple Canopy has been posting continually about projects in need of services and donations. 

Girl Walk // All Day screens at reRun in Brooklyn Thursday night. All proceeds from the event will benefit local Red Cross chapters.

+Pool updated backers with a comprehensive list of places to volunteer and donate

For other ways to support relief efforts, please visit NYC Service and the Red Cross.

    1. Viviane Moos on

      Glad to see you have collected and posted this list - nice to see your support. I know you are downtown - not sure if it's in Chelsea - where you ok during the storm? I was so lucky, living in NOMAD ( used to be called the Flower District ) didn't lose power or anything and was able to document what was going on around me.

    2. Missing avatar

      Joan Frost on

      Is there a single site that will accept a donation to be distributed equally to all projects in need?

    3. Randy Fricke on

      Even though I live in Western Colorado, I have concern for the many displaced and unfortunate people uprooted by Hurricane Sandy. I have followed the storm's destruction on all the major television networks. I am just shocked by the devastation. This will motivate me to call on President Obama and political leaders in New York and New Jersey to form a real commission on climate change and to make recommendations to coastal cities how to protect themselves in the future. I am an independent environmental and renewable energy consultant. My letter to President Obama will be sent within the next few days.

    4. jimimage on

      exceptional --> Red Hook Initiative
      and Red Hook NYC Recovers
      also, there are a few religious organizations reaching out to Gerritsen Beach, Coney Island etc. search and you will find find

    5. Cassie Marketos on

      @Joan There isn't a single site accepting donations, but we encourage you to check out the individual projects. Some of them are seeking volunteers, and others are offering assistance. It ranges!

    6. Faith Morgan on

      I am glad that Kickstarter can help this way after this huge storm. I want to also share that the city of Santiago de Cuba and the cerounding countrtyside was hit extreemly hard by hurricane Sandy - winds over 100 miles per hour.

      It is very rare for Cuba to experience deaths during a hurricane or tropical storm as their civil defense teams are very skilled and comprehensive in their preparations, including evacuation procedures, for natural disasters.

      Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy was huge and destructive beyond the capacity of the Eastern Cuba defense teams to manage. And and if I may say so, this is exactly what climate change scientists continually predict.

      There is one aid group that is helping there, MEDDIC.
      Faith from Passive House Revolution

    7. Missing avatar

      Gordon Saul on


      As ever, you guys are fantastic. Thanks again for the recognition and support you give to the creative community, in good times and in bad!

      Those of us living elsewhere in the world have had to live this one out vicariously, but our thoughts are still firmly on those communities and individuals devastated by nature's wild side.

      To Randy above: what part did global warming play in Sandy? Sorry - but did I miss the "smoking gun"?



    8. Chris Omlor on

      I think that's great the Kickstarter is finally endorsing giving back. Pretty sad though that Kickstarter refuses to support ANY company that has anything to do with supporting charity in their projects. This is a HUGE slap in the face to us. Smells like a ploy to try to make Kickstarter look like it gives a damn about supporting causes.

    9. MasterCosmo Solutions on

      I'm sure the supporting Charity rule is in place to protect themselves. Luckily there are ways of helping anyways.

    10. Peter Lance Segall on

      Kickstarter, There is an idea, a creative idea that would work wonders for helping in this and other worthy fund raising causes that I would like to present. (I receive and seek no compensation) Simply, of course, you could always send money (if you have it). Have it or not, you could give your time indirectly but effectively: Volunteer your time to someone in your sphere of influence no charge but request they compensate for your time (pay it forward) by a cash donation to the cause.This helps them, you and the cause. More information: This is not a project but an idea.

    11. Marty Rosen on

      The NOFA NJ Beginner Farmer Project had the roof blown off the barn in the hurricane. They've met their minimum but they need to raise $50,000 to fully rehab the barn post-hurricane and have their farm program running by spring.

    12. Jane von Rathsach on

      Very nice to see - here from Copenhagen. Sorry to see this and think about the troubles left. You are strong and have will to work. Take care.

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      Son Of Squidman on

      All proceeds from the very cool Christmas album Xmas Ad Nauseum are being donated to Occupy Sandy Relief.

    14. Laura Hammer on

      Yes Men visit Occupy Sandy in the Rockaways:

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      deleted on

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      Jose miller on

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      Namaku Keren on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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