Granby Workshop: Rebuilding a Neighborhood Through Creative Projects

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[Our] products need to invite chance and accident in the way that they’re made — an element where you lose control and you don’t quite know how the product will end up when you start making it.

Granby Workshop is an architectural ceramics studio founded by the Turner Prize-winning design collective Assemble. The workshop grew out of a larger effort to revitalize Liverpool’s Granby neighborhood, producing distinctive architectural materials to renovate local homes and creating new manufacturing jobs within the community.

In the video above, Assemble designer Lewis Jones and Sumuyya Khader of Granby Workshop discuss their design process and offer a look at how they prepared to launch their first Kickstarter project, for a line of ceramics called Splatware.

“[Kickstarter] felt very appropriate for the work that we’re doing here, which is really community-driven, based around not any single person’s idea or interest, but around what comes when lots of people get together,” Jones says.

The project was successfully funded in October 2017 with the help of 808 backers.

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