Girl Walk All Saturday

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Two weeks ago Girl Walk, the brilliant dance film that pairs Girl Talk’s mash-up extravaganza All Day with the incredible dancer Anne Marsen, sent out a call to its backers and the rest of the internet: come dance with us! The plan was to meet at an undisclosed NYC location to film a series of group dancing scenes. Be in Girl Walk? Meet Anne? I had to go!

When I arrived at the undisclosed (Central Park) location about 75 people were milling around, varying in age from teenagers to people in their sixties. Among them were Jacob Krupnick, the film’s director, and Anne, the film’s star. Jacob and Anne shared anecdotes from filming so far, including the tale of Anne getting tossed from Yankee Stadium and what happened when they re-shot their initial project video scene on the Staten Island Ferry.

Hoping to thwart potential issues with their guerilla shoot on the Staten Island Ferry scene, Jacob and Anne went straight to the ferry’s guards and told them what they were doing. The crew’s reaction? They had seen the video, loved the project, and asked to pose for photos with Anne. The shoot happened without a hitch. Amazing!

Our shoot was set around an Alice in Wonderland statue. Anne was sad because no one would dance with her; we the crowd would leap out and enthusiastically dance around her, lifting her spirits and literally lifting her, as you can see:

We shot more scenes of Anne crowdsurfing through Central Park: down pathways, under bridges, over bridges. Each shot was accomplished in one take, all of us dancing along to a lone saxophonist playing a jaunty tune approximate to the rhythm of a Girl Talk track. It was a little awkward, a lot silly, and tons and tons of fun.

The day’s mysterious final shot required darkness — something to do with sparklers. As dusk became night we were lead to a road that ran through the park, and we were each handed two large sparklers. We were instructed to light them and dance our way up the road. The effect was magical, like being in a sea of fireflies.

It was an amazing experience. Thanks to Jacob, Anne, and the rest of the Girl Walk crew for their hospitality, and thanks to the rest of the dancers for their enthusiasm and good cheer. What an amazing day!

(Credit and thanks to Jordan Matter for the photos!)

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