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Freaker USA: Making You & Your Beverage Cooler — by Zach Crain

Freakers….what can I say about Freakers that they didn’t make very clear in their project video, which, if you haven’t watched yet, is wayyyy better than any of the skits James Franco and Anne Hatheway attempted to pull off at the Oscars this year.

This team of, for lack of a better word, freaks have been bombarding the world with their functional and extremely stylish beverage temperatizing devices. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, think of them like cozies, but rather than massive foam entities, they are more akin to miniature Cosby sweaters capable of hugging nearly any size bottle while reducing bottle sweat and increasing the drinkability factor for nearly anything, which is good because I freaking hate warm Apple Juice. They’ve made it so my Apple Juice never gets warm and pissy and for that, I must say, Freak the World! Like fun toys in your Happy Meal, you gotta collect them all.

Chicki Chicki!

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