Food-X and Kickstarter Present a Request for Innovations

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Green Top Farms
Green Top Farms

Hunger, nutrition, factory farming, food waste, labeling issues, commensality… 

When people say our food system is broken, it’s shorthand for a myriad of interrelated issues. These problems are complex, and it’s easy to feel as though they’re insurmountable. But we believe that through collaboration and the ingenuity of independent creators, solutions are within reach.

Today, Kickstarter is teaming up with the global food innovation accelerator Food-X to issue a joint Request for Innovations. Together, we’re calling upon independent creators who are attempting to improve our food system, working to provide food options that engender public health, promote sustainability, and reduce food waste.

The scope of the challenge ahead means that the resulting projects may take many forms. Maybe accountability is important to you, and you’re aiming to create a seafood traceability system like Dock to Dish. Or you think K-cups are an environmental nightmare, and you’ve designed a compostable single-serve coffee bag like Steeped Coffee. Or perhaps you’re designing an open-source job training curriculum for professional kitchens like FoodWorks Madison. If your project has the potential to make a positive impact, it’s the kind of thing we’d like to support.

What does our support look like? That’s up to you.

If you’re focused on growing an innovative food business and looking to scale your impact, Food-X can offer investment, mentorship, and the ecosystem you need to grow. If you’re looking to build your community and raise funds through Kickstarter, our Food team can offer campaign strategy and promotional support. Our shared goal is to provide the right kinds of support to creators at the right stage in their development.

If your work could create the kind of positive change we're talking about, get in touch with our team here.

Learn more about Food-X here.