Follow Creators, Find Projects

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We’re excited to announce a fun new way to discover projects. Starting today you can follow creators directly and be first to find out when their next projects launch. You’ll also be notified when they’ve backed a project that’s just getting off the ground. There are thousands of creative projects on Kickstarter at any given moment, and following creators you admire to get a sense of what inspires them is a great way to explore projects that are likely to speak to you — or to discover something completely unexpected and delightful.


Finding creators to follow is easy. To start, we’ve created a page listing the creators whose projects you’ve backed in the past. Just head over here, and click the Follow button alongside the creators you want to follow. 

We also hope this feature will inspire you to expand your horizons by discovering creators outside of your immediate network. Since Kickstarter’s launch, 262,615 creators from all over the world have launched 313,023 projects across the creative universe. You can browse our Advanced Discover page here to find great projects, and then follow creators directly from their profile pages. Creators have an incredibly strong track record of throwing their support behind the community that’s supported them. Collectively, they’ve made 907,243 pledges to 152,172 distinct projects over the years. So you’ll be immediately plugged into a steady stream of creative support.

As a creator, reaching new backers is key to growing your audience over time. Millions of backers all over the world enthusiastically look to Kickstarter for what’s next. The Follow feature is a way to connect with the Kickstarter community even after your initial project is complete. But opting out is easy, too — just click here, or here, to manage notification settings.

We hope you get a chance to follow a few creators and find some great projects to support. In the meantime, here are a few creators and active members of our community who you might enjoy following today.

  • Kickstarter’s own Director of Community Support, Katherine Pan, has launched three projects over the years and backed 699. She loves to support daring, imaginative ideas that might not have any other way of coming to life. Follow her here.
  • Craighton Berman is one of Kickstarter’s earliest and most prolific Design creators, having launched five projects since 2010. He’s also backed 122 projects in that time — more than half of them from the world of Design (and many of them from students of his Entrepreneurial Design class at UIC). Follow him here.