Flaming Carrot Comics, Remade For the Digital Age

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Flaming Carrot was the world’s first surrealist super hero. If you don’t remember him, suffice to say that the comic series featuring his likeness has been vaulted into the hallowed hills of outsider fame alongside the works of luminaries like David Lynch, Frank Zappa, and Windsor McKay. It even spawned a spin-off major motion picture. Except then, in a turn of events so mysterious it could have been a plot twist, the cult-revered, critically-adored series vanished — it's been all but out-of-print since the early '90s. Fast forward to present day, however, and a sustained interest in the work of cartoonist Bob Burden is seeing the first two Flaming Carrot novels brought back to digital life. Hallelujah!

With Kickstarter, Flaming Carrot: Man of Mystery and Flaming Carrot: The Wild Shall Remain will be remade in touch-screen editions, along with a brand new, exclusive mini-comic. That's pretty cool as is, but creator Bob Burden keeps keeps upping the ante by tossing out new and amazing comic-related fodder as rewards. Like, offering to arrive at his next convention in a cocoon:

Or, sending a vintage postcard doodled with original artwork to anybody you want:

Additionally, the crew is purging their personal archives for original artwork and other goodies to give to loyal readers: "We had to scour the back room, the basement and the warehouse to dig these out... We wanted to get all these little jewels out of here and into the hands of someone that would appreciate and treasure them."

We love it. Check out the rest of his project — and awesome rewards! — here.

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