Five Questions for reaDIYmate

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reaDIYmates are fun wi-fi objects that can be built easily at home and are activated by what's happening in your digital life. Play a favorite audio clip every time you get retweeted, program movement for when you receive an email from a specific person (hi Mom!), or pretty much anything else that your heart desires. You don't need any creative or technical skills to make one, but if you're feeling inspired you can always modify designs and write new applications for them. What would the makers of these little friends do with them? We just had to ask. Read on for more. 

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1. Was making your project video:







All of the above, in that order! and of course, at the end.... "OH GOD. I CAN'T WATCH IT. I JUST. NO". It’s a lot of work to make a project video, but it’s really fun too!

2. What do you know now that you wish you knew then? (about running a Kickstarter project, or life in general!)

We know now that you’re never simple enough when it comes to explain your project. For example, reaDIYmate is a simple concept (build things that connect to the Internet) you can explain it in so many ways: paper companions, fun approach to the Internet of Things, design your own electronic devices, Arduino toys…Picking one has surely more impact but it’s very difficult as a creator to leave something out of the picture. I guess a lot of creators share the same difficulties.

reaDIYmates, in the making!
reaDIYmates, in the making!

3. What would YOU use a reaDIYmate for? 

Ok, this is what we use is for at reaDIYmate: we have one that dances every time we have a new backer on Kickstarter ;) and that says random cult movie dialogues from time to time to cheer us up. There is no “ideal” use, it’s very personal! But the uses we like the most are the ones that involve several people, and we will certainly enrich those capabilities very soon. One example is the remote control. My girlfriend has a reaDIYmate at her place and I can make it move with my phone from anywhere, it’s really fun, it’s real time, and she can also do the same with mine. This is a new kind of language!

Another one is to use it as a jukebox: your friends can send you songs by email and they will play directly on your reaDIYmate!

4. What inspired your idea to connect toys to the internet? Why do you think this is something important? 

Well, everybody says that we’ve entered the Post-PC era with the iPad, but we think that it should not be only about screens, screens, screens... It’s also about things that you’re emotionally attached to. That are fun to live with, that you love and care about (and not only about the data that are in your device), that have their own beauty because you built them for example. This is what we are trying to do with reaDIYmate.

We made the initial choice of paper because it’s a friendly and warm material, but also because it’s the easiest material to customize or to replace by your own. Everyone has markers, paper, scissors and glue at home, sometimes even a printer. And a thing that you assembled and personalized in a way, even the slightest one, has a lot more value to you. 

Some sample reaDIYmates. Cuuuteee!
Some sample reaDIYmates. Cuuuteee!

5. Any words of wisdom for all the would-be project creators out there?

Don’t hesitate, do it! It’s great! You’ll be learning on your project during the Kickstarter campaign more than you can dream of!

    1. BioVivara (Seth & Rachel Hiser) on

      Thanks for sharing! It is nice to know I'm not the only one who says "all of the above." :) The video has been the hardest part of putting together my own project! Gratz and best wishes for your continued success!

    2. BandedSociety US on

      Thanks for sharing.

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      Francisco Martinez on

      Hello, congrats o your project, I wish you the best. I wanted to ask you something that has me thinking ... Do you think or is it a requirement to patent a product before launching it on this site? Thanks and I'd appreciate your advise and if you know about a place on the site to get info about this matter I'll appreciate it.

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      Namaku Keren on

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