Five Questions For Kordal Knitwear

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Kordal is a contemporary knitwear brand founded by Mandy Kordal in 2011. Since then, she's handmade all kinds of beautiful pieces, from comfy, warm caps to elaborate, lace back cardigans — and gained herself a slew of loyal, eager fans. Next season will find her partnering with local knitwear technicians to meet the demand, but the super busy schedule didn't keep her from sitting down for a brief Q&A with us. Read on!

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1. Was making your project video:


I would have to say F. All of the above! I am really lucky to have such talented group of friends to help me put this project together. Knowing a photographer, film editors, musicians, and some amazing illustrators really helped make this video and project more dynamic. It is a little strange to listen to myself describe what I do everyday, but it was so fun to film with everybody! Throughout the process of starting this business and creating this video there has been so much collaboration. I love knowing that someone is wearing my clothing in exchange for photographing my work. It's such a positive way to interact with others and regardless of how the project turns out I am just really grateful to have had that experience! 

Team Kordal celebrating the completion of their Kickstarter video.
Team Kordal celebrating the completion of their Kickstarter video.

Care to give a little pep talk for people currently procrastinating making their project videos?

I would say just bite the bullet and get started, and play to your strengths! For example I know that I get nervous in front of the camera so I decided to record audio separately from filming so I was more collected and thoughtful with my project description. And ask for help! It's hard to put a video together by yourself, especially if you are trying to start a business, launch a product, record an album, etc. Your video is the first thing people are going to look at when they see your project, and it makes such a difference when a project has clear images and a good video. Take your time and make sure you are happy with what you have created.

2. What do you know now that you wish you knew then? (about running a Kickstarter project, or life in general!)

Haha, well since I launched this yesterday I don't think I have much to contribute for this question. Let's see, I would say make sure to copy paste your images correctly into the summary page, and double check you can view them on both a Mac and PC! And make sure to spread the word to others as much as possible. Social media is such a useful tool for a project like this, so use it to your advantage! 

3. What can your fans expect come spring? What in particular is inspiring you and what are some pieces we can look forward to?

This spring is going to be a really exciting time for Kordal. We are in the process of designing and sampling our Spring '13 collection, which will hopefully be shown at Capsule this Fall. We have been really inspired by images of shadows for this first season. I have been spending my off days walking around Brooklyn photographing shadows that form interesting patterns and shapes which we are going to translate into the knit garments through intarsia, lace work, color blocking, or striping. We are going to be posting our photos, images of the design process, and swatches so that everyone can be a part of this first collection. 

Kordal knitwear (and rewards!) in action.
Kordal knitwear (and rewards!) in action.
Shots from project video preparation.
Shots from project video preparation.

4. What are three things that particularly inspire you while you design?

I am typically inspired by a specific concept, and I will collect imagery around this idea.  But I am also really inspired by the materials I select, that's when it really starts to come alive for me. Sometimes just seeing  a sketch on a page it's hard to visualize the final product, but once I have my color palette and yarn qualities selected the idea becomes much more clear. I will also take some time to drape on the dress form, this process helps me to design more dynamic silhouettes. 

5. Any words of wisdom for all the would-be project creators out there?

Go for it, and be okay with having ups and downs! You will have days when everything feels overwhelming and stressful, but trust me it is so rewarding to see your hard work pay off! Kickstarter is such an amazing platform for you to get out there and create something positive and new. You will be amazed by how many people want to support creative people and projects. I would also suggest thinking long and hard about your incentive items. Offer something you really can follow through with, and that your project backers will be excited to own. Think of them as your first customers and you want them to be talking about you and your project even after it is funded, and it will be through their support that your project is successful! 

Project reward: Asymmetrical silk blouse.
Project reward: Asymmetrical silk blouse.
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      The cothes are beautiful, almost as beautiful as the whole crew helping her! Wow, lucky designer, best of luck!

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      Nice interview, Kordal.

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      Oh wow, such an inspirational story. I love it. I am a new knitwear designer myself and it just motivates me more to see such stories

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