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Gypsé Eyes is a printed art publication that explores love and sex through a combination of original art, photography, and writing. Since they've already successfully funded their first three issues with Kickstarter, we figured they would be prime candidates to offer us some insight into the creative process, as well as answer our extremely important questions on true love and sexy food. Read on!

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1. Was making your project video:


C for OVERwhelming!  A hectic day of running around toting camera, lights, and a bunch of food, invading our friends' kitchen to disrobe and eat way too many doughnuts and cupcakes.  By the time we got to shooting I'd pretty much forgotten all that stood between me and the eyes of the internet was a pineapple.  Once your get that far along there's no turning back.

Care to give a little pep talk for people currently procrastinating making their project videos?

Get yourself a decent camera (everyone's got at least one friend with one laying around) and make that video!  It's a unique way for people to get a better sense of what your project is about and to join in the spirit of what your doing.  You don't have to stand naked behind a cake but use your video to show viewers how important your project is to you and they might see it as something important to them.  Plus, then you can show it to your parents and make them proud (not sure if my mom has watched ours yet...)

2. What do you know now that you wish you knew then? (about running a Kickstarter project, or life in general!)

Running a Kickstarter project requires a lot of hard work.  It takes as much planning and outreach as any other type of fundraising, but allows you the most freedom to create your project the way you truly see it.  In hindsight I wish I had known from the start that it's ok to ask people to back you financially.  I know this is largely the purpose of running a Kickstarter project, but asking for money to create your art is something that a lot of creative people, have a hard time with, myself included.  It's ok that people want to help you!  

A spread from a previous issue. It's about ice-cream, so highly relevant.
A spread from a previous issue. It's about ice-cream, so highly relevant.

3. In your expert opinion, what are the Top 3 Sexiest Foods in the World?

Only top three?  That's a tough one but to start ice cream: drippy, melty, sticky, sweet and cold and even tangy or salty (perhaps the pint of Ben & Jerry's next to my keyboard is influencing my decision).  

Number two: pretty much any kind of fruit.  It's almost always messy and you usually have to undress it to get at the good stuff...  

Then of course there's coffee: it's got the James Dean rebel without a cause sort of thing going on.  Classic sexy.

4. Do you believe in True Love? (between humans and/or humans and food)

I believe in both!  Loving both humans and food makes your stomach do all sorts of wonderful (and some times terrible) things, can make you completely happy and you can't go too long without putting either in your mouth.

5. Any words of wisdom for all the would-be project creators out there?

Start a project!  Every time I'm on Kickstarter I find at least five projects right of the bat that are so creative and amazing I wish I could fund them all.  And once you do start one stay positive and don't let the nervousness and hard work wear you out! Now I'm going to finish this pint of mint chocolate chip. Thanks Kickstarter! XOXO.

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