Featured Creator: John Kricfalusi of "Cans Without Labels"

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There are a couple things about the animation project Cans Without Labels that you might already be familiar with. Firstly, its creator, John Kricfalusi, who attained a certain degree of lewd notoriety in the early '90s as the creator of cult-popular television series The Ren and Stimpy Show. Secondly, the cartoon's protagonist, a penny-pinching, patriotic, and overly outspoken Dad known by the name of Mr. George Liquor, who originally appeared as a conservative foil cum side character in early episodes of Ren and Stimpy.

Described as "an old school, manly, Republican sort of guy" who is "leathery on the outside, but all mush in the center," George Liquor — he often goes by the full name of George Liquor, American! — is based closely on John K's own, extremely budget conscious father, whose habit of feeding his kids the titular, unlabeled cans of budget food served as the essential, albeit totally disgusting, inspiration for Cans.  

"He always swore there would be something really tasty in a can and thought he could deduce what was it was using the scientific method," John K. relates in his project description. "He’d count the rings and look at whether the lid was silver or gold and then conclude... “' think there are some nice peaches in this can!'. Let me tell you something… There were NEVER any Goddamn peaches in these things. It was always something gruesome."

The contents of each can may swerve from the probable, like "a whole plucked chicken carcass," to the grossly outrageous, such as pickled kittens, but all are indicative of the no-holds-barred, frequently risqué wit that John K. has gained a reputation for over the last several decades spent churning out our Saturday morning cartoons. 

Highly intrigued despite ourselves, we wondered aloud: "What are the grossest things you've ever discovered inside the unlabeled abyss of a discounted, supermarket can, John K?" And since words do no justice to his enthusiastically revolting response, we asked him if he could illustrate it for us. 


1. Stewed Marsupial Claws

2. Exotic Bird-Bill Soup (Chunky Style)

3. Pregnant Grasshoppers in Blueberry Syrup

4. Pickled Iguana Tails

For the strong-willed (and strong-stomached), you can check out the rest of his project here

    1. Rafael Tolentino da Silva on

      I so wanna taste all! LOVE this four . AHAH.

    2. Nate Bear on

      I hope there will be ruled lines in the final video.

    3. Mariano Marzullo on

      omg man, you are my hero! Ren & Stimpy creator! :') love that animation, i even still watch it! and makes me laugh as hell! all the faces, gestures, voices... incredible... keep the hard work up! totally support you.

    4. Aeon on

      That was pretty awesome, i wasn't expecting to smile tonight.

    5. Tory Orzeck on

      Absolutely fantastic. As long as you get that super up close detail of the grossness that you did in R+S, I am in!

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      deleted on

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      Namaku Keren on

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