Exploding Kittens Is the Most-Backed Project of All Time

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Tonight a project called Exploding Kittens made Kickstarter history.

With 219,382 backers, it became the most-backed Kickstarter project of all time! It more than doubled the previous record of 105,857, held by Reading Rainbow since last summer. Wondering what the backings leaderboard looks like?

The Most-Backed Kickstarter Projects of All Time

1. Exploding Kittens - 219,382 backers
2. Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere! - 105,857 backers
3. The Veronica Mars Movie Project - 91,585 backers
4. Double Fine Adventure - 87,142 backers
5. Torment: Tides of Numenera - 74,405 backers
6. Project Eternity - 73,986 backers
7. Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android - 68,929 backers
8. Mighty No. 9 - 67,226 backers
9. OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console - 63,416 backers
10. COOLEST COOLER: 21st Century Cooler that's Actually Cooler - 62,642 backers
11. Wasteland 2 - 61,290 backers

Exploding Kittens isn’t only the most-backed project, it’s also the most-funded Games project ever, raising $8,782,571. That makes it the third-most-funded project in Kickstarter history. Not bad for a humble card game, huh?

Earlier this week, the Exploding Kittens team (Elan Lee, Shane Small, and The Oatmeal's Matthew Inman) shared a thoughtful update with their backers. Here's what they had to say:

“We’ve never seen anything like you guys, and neither has the planet. You have proven beyond any doubt that you are unstoppable. There’s nothing we can put in front of you that you can’t do. There is nothing too great, nothing too hard, nothing too outrageous that you incredible group of incredible people can’t accomplish as a community."

We'd like to extend a sincere congratulations to Exploding Kittens, and every one of you 219,382 amazing humans that made it happen.



    1. fractalsauce on February 19, 2015

      This is the first Kickstarter I've ever backed and I'm proud to be a part of the 219,372! Congratulations!

    2. Missing avatar

      Barbara L. Bell on February 19, 2015

      Very, very happy....

    3. Missing avatar

      Henry Kamae on February 19, 2015

      Thank you for taking my money.

    4. Paul Gallagher on February 19, 2015

      Yes! cant wait for my decks!

    5. Tasha Turner
      on February 19, 2015

      Great project. The team turned stretch goals into a game. It was a lot of fun backing.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Saxenmeyer on February 19, 2015

      This just went Nuclear .....

    7. Missing avatar

      David Baker on February 19, 2015

      First campaign I have ever backed and I am proud to be a part of history!

    8. Joshua Mears on February 19, 2015

      First thing I've had the opportunity to back, and eminently worth every blasted penny.

    9. Andy Morrissey on February 19, 2015

      Wow, more than twice as many backers as the number 2 campaign. That's absolutely bonkers. So happy to be a part of this.

    10. Richard Stanford on February 19, 2015

      I was happy to support Reading Rainbow in a significant way, and just as happy to support EK for similar reasons. Bringing joy into the world through the written word or a simple game is a cause well worth supporting. Congratulations, guys!

    11. drcain on February 19, 2015

      Well deserved..

    12. Tippy Singleton on February 19, 2015

      and the #3 most money raised by a kickstarter ever. behind the coolest cooloer and the smartphone watch ap

    13. Missing avatar

      Jason Cohen on February 19, 2015

      Awesome job guys! Can't wait to play the game!

    14. Missing avatar

      Diana Kitching on February 19, 2015

      Super excited for this! So glad I could help make history.

    15. Missing avatar

      Robert on February 19, 2015

      We are the 219,382!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Alexander Wommack on February 19, 2015

      First project backed and must say glad this one made history. For the Kitten Corps!!! #explodingkittens

    17. Tanya Lund on February 19, 2015

      Hahaaaaaa! Can't wait to get my game! ...in July, but still...=D

    18. James Schwab on February 19, 2015

      My first! And you were definitely a great first :)

    19. Joel Smart on February 19, 2015

      Recipe for Kickstarter success:
      1.) Be a person with a large internet following.
      2.) Team up with some experts in the field of your project.
      3.) Create a project with a very fun end product, and explain how fun it will be to people
      4.) Tie in the art style and humour that made you famous.
      5.) ???????
      6.) PROFIT!

    20. Missing avatar

      Lior Kravitz on February 20, 2015

      And in case this wasn't obvious to you guys- this needs to be a category on your advanced stats page. Make projects compete on this metric (now that you know it's A Thing) and bring more and more people into Kickstarter.

      And yes, I'm one of the 0.2M people who chipped in. Amazingly-run campaign.

    21. Vikram Aravamudhan on February 20, 2015

      What is Kickstarter's cut in this?

    22. Dan Sirinids on February 20, 2015

      I helped, now send me my kitty corpses!

    23. Malwina Blando on February 20, 2015

      Great to be a part of this !

    24. Freddy Fernandez on February 20, 2015

      I told you they could do it!!!!

      I TOLD!!!! YOU!!!! THEY!!!!! COULD!!!!! DO!!!! IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. Iain Hamilton on February 20, 2015

      Woop, woop de woop woop

    26. Ifyasaiso Saiso on February 20, 2015

      First time backer and proud to be part of the KittenCorps!

    27. Robert Ashman on February 20, 2015

      It's awesome being a backer on 2 of the top 10....:-D (EK and Mighty No 9)

    28. Tânia Ferreira on February 20, 2015

      I first came for Inman and the goats, but I ended up loving all of it. Greetings from Portugal o/

    29. Wei Xiang on February 20, 2015

      First Kickstarter I've ever backed and it went on to make history :) proud of you guys and happy to be part of this massive community!

    30. Missing avatar

      Meg Blount (deleted) on February 20, 2015

      You guys rock my proverbial socks off (not wearing any at the moment)! First Kickstarter I've backed, and you made that $35 worth it! So proud of y'all!

    31. Kyle Simmons on February 20, 2015

      (>*-*)> $$$ I throw my money at you. Can't wait to play this game.

    32. Cara Drake on February 20, 2015

      I think one of the things that made this Kickstarter so successful is how they organized the stretch goals. It wasn't just "once we reach this amount of money we'll add this perk" - the backers were urged to go out and do seemingly random things, which aided a good deal in spreading word and interest about the Kickstarter. This model may not work for all projects, but it definitely worked for this one and I would love to see other projects follow step.

    33. Aaron Wood on February 20, 2015

      There needs to be hard caps on the projects. That will never happen though when you realize Kickstarter just made $435,000 in 30 days for doing not much more than hosting the fund.

      The amount of money this project made for a card game is obscene.

      I know a lot of people won't agree with me, but it might go a long way to help projects that get in over their heads with order fulfillment.

    34. Danny Shervington on February 20, 2015

      This is the first Kickstarter campaign that I've ever done! I am proud and happy to be a part of it! KittenCorps and Oaties UNITE!

    35. Missing avatar

      Lucas on February 20, 2015

      I think I need to make an achievement patch for this.

    36. Jack Sullivan on February 20, 2015

      This is great! Now get to work on those NSFW card shipments!!!

    37. TheFabK
      on February 20, 2015

      This is the very first project I've ever backed and I'm quite pleased with the results! WOOT!

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