Double Fine Day

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On February 7, a project called Double Fine Adventure launched, and along with it a record-setting 24 hours. Things haven't really slowed down since. A third project reached $1 million, another revived an all-time great series, and 33 Kickstarter-funded films made it into SXSW. It's been a memorable month.

On Tuesday that month was bookended by Double Fine's big finish, commemorated with a live stream of the project's champagne-soaked countdown. The final tally? A startling $3.3 million pledged from 87,141 people. It wasn't that long ago that 87,000 people had even heard of Kickstarter.

Though yesterday wasn't quite the crazy 24 hours we experienced in February, it was close. From major new records ($1,664,432 was pledged yesterday, breaking the original Double Fine day record) to big debuts to exciting discoveries, March 13th was a day to remember.

Wasteland 2 Launches

Double Fine creator Tim Schafer closed their livestream with an impassioned speech: "I don't want to say this is the end of the game publishing as we know it," he said, adding: "I'm sure a few games will still need publishers."

Yesterday brought maybe the first glimpse of the post-Double Fine world. A new game project called Wasteland 2 launched with a big $900,000 goal. The original Wasteland was a beloved 1988 RPG and the inspiration for the popular Fallout series. Produced by the well-regarded Brian Fargo, the project is Double Fine-like in its ambition, approach, and underdog origins.

Also like Double Fine, Wasteland 2 is off to a stunning start. The project raised more than a half a million dollars in its first 24 hours, and it's on its way to becoming the fourth million dollar project already this year. Don't miss the project video, which cleverly satirizes what some developers go through to get their games made.

Blue Like Jazz premieres

In 2010 a project launched for a film called Blue Like Jazz. The project ended up raising nearly three times its $125,000 goal, and it still stands as Kickstarter's largest film project.

Last night Blue Like Jazz made its world premiere at SXSW to a great response. However there was something unusual about the film itself. Here's a picture of its credits, snapped at the premiere by our own Elisabeth Holm:

See the long, blurry list of names on the right-hand side? Those are the names of the film's 799 Associate Producers. Even for an indie movie that's a lot of producers! But those folks were actually Kickstarter backers who pledged $100 for the honor. Their names scrolled through the entire Blue Like Jazz credits, and ended up being even longer than the credits themselves. Crazy!


Blue Like Jazz wasn't the only Kickstarter news out of SXSW yesterday:

  • There was big news for the Kickstarter-funded doc Brooklyn Castle. The film tells the story of the best junior high chess team in the country, which happens to be from a poor Brooklyn school. Yesterday it was announced that mega-producer Scott Rudin, the very same guy who is turning the Kickstarter-funded Indie Game: The Movie into an HBO series, has optioned the documentary's fiction rights. Congrats to them!
  • Trash Dance, a documentary about a ballet starring Austin's sanitation workers, made a hometown premiere and got two standing ovations. We've seen the film and can attest to its tear-jerking greatness.
  • And we can't forget yesterday's premiere of one of our favorite projects everSpace Ducks, musician Daniel Johnston's first-ever comic book. The literary debut was celebrated with a crazy party at SXSW featuring the Kickstarter-funded R. Stevie Moore, Built to Spill, and others. We wish we were there!

Lost Da Vinci Found

Finally, yesterday brought perhaps the most unexpected milestone of all. 

Last fall a National Geographic photographer launched a Kickstarter project to find a Da Vinci painting historians believed was hidden behind a centuries-old mural in an Italian church. While the Kickstarter project came up short of its goal, yesterday researchers announced that they believe they've found the painting in that exact spot! It's a mystery novel with an unbelievable ending. Watch the project video above for the whole story.

Congratulations to everyone on their remarkable achievements and another incredible day. Way to go!

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      ctankep on

      Fantastic. This site is probably one of the best ideas I've ever seen and to think it's such a huge success makes me very happy.

    2. Curt Blankenship on

      No longer do we have to beg the banker to fund our dreams that they just don't understand. Hooray for every Kickstarter project that made its funding goal. To all of the others, keep trying. Good luck to all of you!

    3. Patrick Always on

      We were so excited to find kickstarter!!

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      Sari Magaziner on

      Kickstarter is the brightest spot on the internet!!Brilliant concept, brilliant success. Congratulations to all. Sari Magaziner

    5. Justin G Hill on

      Kickstarter is a great platform. too bad they are weird about approving projects. I am an award winning designer and have been turned down twice now for even being allowed to try and raise funds through them....

    6. Lisa McErlane Yao on

      I have never played a video game in my life - yet I had chills watching the Double Fine countdown. It is just inspirational to see any creator directly connect with fans in such an organic way. Who would have ever thought that providing products that people want to buy would be such a revolutionary idea?

    7. Jordan York on

      Loving this site! It's dangerous tho as I feel that I'd like to back so many projects and my wallet has its limits :p

    8. inXile entertainment on

      Kickstarter has changed the nature of the Video Game business with out even knowing it. We now have a way to link fan to developer and leave out all the middle men that used to make money off of our blood, sweat, and tears. This is one of the most exciting days in my 23 year career. Double Fine and Wasteland 2 are just the beginning...

    9. Tex Jernigan on

      Wow that founder guy is magnetic. If he had a youtube channel I would watch it.

    10. UnPlanned Events on

      Kickstaerter is indeed an awesome site, but we feel like it is limiting itself by being strictly monetary based. It would be really cool if they linked a platform that allowed people to search the same projects and offer services to those projects. We could see a whole new kind of collaborative effort come from it & it would surely revolutionize the way people build teams for their projects.

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