Discover Your Creative Potential With Kickstarter & Skillshare

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The summer is coming to a close and it's officially back-to-school season. Why not kick-off September with a new creative challenge? One that requires you to start making stuff and tinker on the internet. That’s why we partnered with our friends at Skillshare. We’ve created a list of incredible classes taught by creators across 15 Kickstarter categories. Pick the classes you want to learn from and be inspired by the process. Of course, we can tell you 100 reasons why you should watch each class (Adam J. Kurtz's Unsolicited Advice is always a motivator!), however, we decided to let the student reviews speak for themselves. If you want to share your thoughts on our Skillshare roundup, send us a tweet @KickstarterTips!

1.) Class: Strategic Storytelling: Building Community Around Your Creative Project

Review: This class has given me clarity and left me feeling excited about starting my Kickstarter project. Thank you! —Tanya Da Silva

2.) Class: Personal Brand Manifesto: Who Do You Think You Are?

Review: Wow, 10/10. I'm at a weird point in my life where I am rethinking my choices school and career-wise, and my creativity has been in a slump for a long time. This was so profound and just what I needed. —Maddie T

3.) Class: An Insightful Guide to Becoming a Freelancer

Review: Monika shares her wisdom on how you can get started as a freelancer. We start by creating a Freelancer's Manifesto and from there, she explains what steps to take and how you ought to present yourself to your market. She is insightful, has good examples and is clearly passionate about helping her students succeed. —Kristinn Reinhard

4.) Class: Storytelling Fundamentals: Character, Conflict, Context, Craft

Review: Daniel José Older presents the four C's: character, conflict, context and craft. This class is fast-paced, clear and concise, worth every minute. —Elizabeth Zertuche

5.) Class: Short Documentary Filmmaking: Creating Video Portraits

Review: It was entertaining while being informative. The production values show the expertise of the documentary maker. She didn't get bogged down in technical discussions —Leisa Shannon Corbett

6.) Class: Creative Writing for All: A 10-Day Journaling Challenge

Review: Emily is so pleasant to listen to. She beams optimism and inspiration. I love her writing prompt and the examples she's been reading for us. Very inspiring class. —Britt Malka

7.) Class: Style in Filmmaking: A Quick Primer in Cinematography

Review: This was a great introduction in how to break down shots for a scene. I love the advice he gave about how different angles and focal lengths are used to convey a message about the character. —Scott Reyes

8.) Class: DIY Cinematography: Make Your Video Look Like a Movie

Review: Incredible and informative. I always enjoy listening to Ryan talk about his passion. He is very skilled and the emotion that he able to pull from such a simple set-up is inspiring. —Christopher Benninghoff

9.) Class: Documentary Photography: Capturing Places and People

Review: I love Ami's energy, so inspiring and you can just see how passionate Ami is about her craft and to share it. I gained so much from this video series! Highly enjoyable! —Emy Dossett

10.) Class: Creating Webcomics: From Sketches to Final Comic

Review: It's simple enough to not bog you down or hinder your creativity, but not too simple that the directions for the projects are unclear. I'd definitely recommend this for those that would like to make comics but needed a little extra motive and discipline to get the ball rolling! —Arianna Uyeno