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Picture a comic. Assuming you don't immediately think of a person that practices comedy in some form, you probably picture a newspaper comic strip or a stapled, magazine-style comic book. It's the beauty of the format. You can do whatever you want with the structure built into the medium.

But what about webcomics? For as long as they've been around (longer than you think! The first webcomic was actually distributed through Compuserve) no one's ever been quite sure what to do with them. Do you treat them as you would any paper comic, only on a screen? Or do you use the freedom of that screen to push boundaries? To make them interactive? To take what was printed on the web and convert it to an actual, physical book? True to comics history, rather than figure out one definitive way, all manner of work in all manner of format is available to read online, and if looking at hundreds of these projects a day tells us anything, it's that the community around webcomics is thriving just as much as the projects themselves. Here's a few that are live right now.

Junior Scientist Power Hour Volume 1

Junior Scientist Power Hour may have started as an autobiographical webcomic, but it has since traveled into much stranger territory, including witches, exploding video game controllers, and babies that might actually be old men.

Check Please: Year 1

It's been awhile since anyone has thought comic books were just about superheroes, but that doesn't mean that there's no unexplored territory within the medium. Check Please follows Eric Bittle, a hockey player that also happens to be a master baker. How often do you come across a comic that's about sports and baking?

Dumbing of Age: The Fourth Book Collection

Speaking of college! Dumbing of Age is a long running webcomic about what happens when a homeschooled fundamentalist Christian named Joyce enters college. It also includes her friend Dorothy, who wants to be president, and Amber, a woman that deals with her rage issues by dressing up as a superhero (that's her up above).

The Last Cowboy Volume 1

The Last Cowboy is a science fiction drama that follows three women as they travel through alien worlds and space stations, trying to build new futures in unfamiliar situations.

UP and OUT: Volume 1

UP and OUT is a series of hilarious gag strips that veer into bizarre territory. Read about a giraffe being a curmudgeon about music, the secret to Willy Wonka's everlasting Gobstoppers, and what might have been under Abraham Lincoln's tall hat (spoiler alert: it's a really tall forehead).

Seeds: A Mini Story

What's a tiny bird fairy? Well, she's one of the main characters in Seeds, a lushly illustrated story about said fairy and her "slimy friend," which looks like a cross between a snake and a rabbit, as they travel to the underworld with some magical seeds. 

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      The issue for web comics has always be one of standing out and monetization, which is why site like Kickstarter and Patreon are such a godsend. Web comics, be a sort of "new media", have always struggled with traditional media models. Now with crowd funding a comic doesn't have to rely on things like T-shirt sales or web ads both of which pay pennies on the dollar. As long as crowdfunding sites like this continue to deal fairly, web comics have an opportunity to flourish or even break out into pop culture in a way unthinkable just 10 years ago. Thanks for shining on light on these projects and web comics in general.

      Now every go read my much better and more interesting comics at.........mmmggpphhhhh! *Is dragged away by KS staff*

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