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Cursed Pirate Girl: The Rewards Keep Coming!

Cursed Pirate Girl: Our Generation’s “Alice in Wonderland” by Jeremy Bastian and Thomas Negovan

As Jeremy Bastian watched his Cursed Pirate Girl comic book project go from successful to crazy successful to wildly crazy successful, he decided that every backer would receive a Cursed Pirate Girl poster, created especially for the project.

Three months of hard work later, that poster is finally finished, and it’s a work of art in its own right. On his blog, Jeremy shares what the process of creating the massively detailed piece was like:

This was a very challenging thing for me to take on and I’m glad I did.  So far the only challenges I have set for myself were just to come up with strange characters and strain the limits of my imagination. I have definitely raised another bar on what I expect my work to look like. 

Get out your internet magnifying glass and take a peek at the incredible level of detail in the images below:

Can’t wait to for this to arrive in the mail — thanks Jeremy!


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