Cursed Pirate Girl Arrives!

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I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Jeremy Bastian’s Cursed Pirate Girl since I backed the project last fall. Every time the doorbell rings, I roll a little bit towards the door in my chair hoping that it’ll be a box from Olympian Publishing. Today, the package finally arrived! After tearing open the box, I found encased in bubble wrap not one, but five copies of the comic book (huge thanks to Thomas and Jeremy!).

Each copy is hand-stamped with a special “Thank you” for backers of the project and signed by Jeremy in silver pen.

On the inside cover, there’s an extensive list of individual thanks to backers of the project, and some awesome stickers too!

After cracking open the cover, I was reminded immediately of why so many fans rallied around the record-breaking comic book project. The artwork is brilliant, so wondrously detailed and strangely out of time with our world in the best of ways. 

It’s everything I could have hoped for and more. Congrats to Jeremy on a beautifully executed project. I can only imagine that fans all across the world are having similar experiences!

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      Upeksha Pawar on September 19, 2015

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