Creators Educating Backers

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You know a project is being run by a passionate creator when he makes an extra effort to educate backers about how Kickstarter works. Israeli musician David Broza just sent an update to backers thanking them for their support and encouraging them to spread the word to friends and fans, and he created this awesomely thorough how-to video that walks people through the entire process.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen creators go the extra mile. Last year, the “Love Can Burn” project posted an update with a similar instructional video specifically for their French-speaking backers, en français! I call that a call to action made with love, my friends.

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      Justin Nathanson on

      Really good idea. I think I'll do one too!

    2. Sati Faulks on

      great idea for sure. thanks

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      anruoranan on

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      dfg on

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