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Creator Video Analytics

Yesterday we launched a small but significant new feature for creators: project video analytics.

Located in the project dashboard and viewable only by project creators, these analytics include:

  • The number of times a project video was played
  • What percentage of those plays completed the video
  • Whether the video was watched on Kickstarter or in an embed on another site

We asked three of our biggest projects — Makey Makey, Pebble, and Amanda Palmer — if they would share their data to illustrate this new feature and they graciously agreed. Thanks!

Let's start with Makey Makey, which currently has the highest off-site play count of any project since we began collecting data two months ago:

Which video has the most plays since we began collecting data? Not surprisingly it's Pebble, which has accumulated nearly one million views:

Another big tally belongs to Amanda Palmer, the most recent million-dollar project:

Most projects don't have such huge numbers. Here are stats for Fred's most recent project. Note the 82% completion percentage on his 12-second vid:

We began collecting data for this feature on April 10, 2012, so keep in mind that projects launching before then have incomplete data (this is true for Fred's analytics above). Also note that this is only tracking plays of the project homepage video, not videos added in project updates.

If you're a current or past project creator, make sure to visit your project dashboard today to check out your stats. Have fun!


    1. Creator Fabio Luiz Esperati Pagoti on June 7, 2012

      Great improvements!
      I emphasize the need of integrating the project pages with Google Analytics. This would give invaluable data to project creators.

    2. Creator Goblinworks Inc. on June 7, 2012

      What's the "off site" plays data? How does one play a video "off-site"?

    3. Creator Fred Benenson on June 8, 2012

      Off-site plays refer to the number plays of a project's video that were embedded elsewhere on the web. For example:

    4. Creator Jeffrey Radice on June 15, 2012

      Hello, I do not see this information anywhere else, so I will ask here. If I email somebody a link URL that ends in ?ref=card will that show up in stats as Embedded widget traffic or is the site able to differentiate based on some other factor?

    5. Creator alex (deleted) on June 20, 2012

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    6. Creator Jonathan Franks on November 29, 2012

      What does the completion percentage mean? What happens when you get to 100%?

    7. Creator Dustin Faddis on December 4, 2012

      Ok ok, it's a good start to helpful data. How about a correlative between total video plays and total pledges?

      This ratio would help creators and their production team assess if their video content is tracking well with the relative measurement of success (based on previously successfully funded projects).

      And, the completion metric is somewhat helpful, but breaking that down into quarters would be more helpful. This would be nice video tool for Vimeo & ReelHouse !

      Nonetheless, the current data tools are a great contribution.

    8. Creator Boulder Samba School on May 29, 2014

      In our fist kickstarter project (2012) we had about 2400 plays and only 7% of the playback was completed. On our second project (about same size of pledges) we only had about 500 plays but with 35% of playback completed. Did kickstarter data collection change or improved. The disparity (plays, completed playback) between the 2 projects seem to big and I was wondering if there was a change in the algorithm. Thanks

    9. Creator Rodney Lightfoot on February 3

      Learning what this is was cool, however now being informed I am saddened. Granted, I am on day 1 of my project but after 70 views so far - I have a 12.5% completion. Guess I should fix my video? I don't think I can after the start though. I think 8 minutes is too long, Go figure? I tried my best anyways. ... actichess