Creator Q&A: "Into The Shadow"

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“Into the Shadow” is Leticia Silva’s beautifully illustrated adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood into a graphic novel. Her drawings and pitch video were so completely enchanting, we simply had to find out more! Leticia is an inspiring example of how genuine artistry isn’t just something you’re born with, but a combination of hard work, commitment, and passion. We had a chance to ask Leticia a few questions about her creative background, influences, and plans for the future. Support her project here, and check out the Q&A below.     

How long have you been working in illustration, and how did you get started?

I never actually really worked in illustration but I always wanted to make my own comics. When I was 17 years old, I started my college career at Fine Arts School in Brazil. I remember having tons of stories in my head but, when I tried to draw them, I would get very frustrated. Like every teenager, I was very impatient! I would tear pages and pages out of my sketchbook because I wanted to be born already good at drawing, but I wasn’t. I learned along the years the importance of being persistent and the value of working hard. Now I feel more comfortable with my drawings, although I still have plenty to learn. So, I am glad I am learning everyday.

Who would you cite as your creative influences and why?

I love all kinds of narratives. As a kid, I would love watching movies, reading books and theater plays. In film, my influences are Orson Welles, Stanley Kubrick, Billy Wilder, Truffaut and Hitchcock. In literature, I would say Milan Kundera, Sartre, Tchekhov, Dostoevksy, Zola, and there’s this brazilian writer that I just adore. Her name is Lygia Bojunga Nunes. She is an amazing storyteller, all her books are so delightful to read. I really wished she would be translated to other languages. 

As for graphic artists and Illustrators, my first pick would be Will Eisner. I had the opportunity to meet him once in Brasil when I was 16 in a comic bienalle. He was so sweet and kind to his fans. His work is not only great in an aesthetics sense but also in his storytelling. Every story he draws and writes are so engaging. When you read the first page of his stories, you are already attached to the main character.  Other comic book artists that I think are fantastic story tellers are Jeff Smith, Bill Watterson and Craig Thompson. 

You’re over 50% to your funding goal with 74 days to go! So exciting! What brought you to Kickstarter, and have you been surprised by the results?

It has been surprising to see that are a lot of people funding “Into the Shadow”. I remember calling my father and telling him to pledge for the big reward. I was not sure if someone besides my dad would give me 150 dollars. Fortunately, I already have 5 backers in the 150 dollar pledge! 

I decided to propose a project to kickstarter after seeing a post on the website, Cartoonbrew. I was already working on my storyboards as part of my thesis work, and I thought it would be a great idea to turn this into a graphic novel. I am really glad I submitted my project! It has been so exciting to see people that I don’t even know personally supporting my work. Hopefully, I will succeed in my goal and I will be able to complete my graphic novel. 

Are there any future projects you’re thinking about working on?

Yes. I am doing pre-production and layout of a 30 second 3D animated short (Pre-production usually entails doing storyboards, character and environment design). I know 30 seconds seems really short, but making an animated movie is really hard work. I am planning to finish the pre-production by the summer and start animating in the beginning of the Fall. I am also planning on developing another story pretty soon. Maybe I could kickstart a project again :)

Anything else you want to tell us?

It was such a great opportunity for me to start this campaign and I am very glad that my project was chosen to be in Kickstarter. I think you guys have been doing an awesome job of helping us connect our project to our friends and the internet community abroad.

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