Creator Q&A: Dave & Dave from Coffee Joulies.

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If you haven’t heard of East Coast Dave & West Coast Dave and their heralded magic bean project called “Coffee Joulies,” then you, sir or madam, do not read gadget blogs. With all of America, nay the world, going nuts for these mysterious steel vectors of science, I wanted to reach out to the gentlemen themselves and get the hard facts. They mercifully obliged. If you haven’t yet, check out their project. You may find yourself asking the same questions I did. Check out their (very tolerant) answers, below

How did you guys meet? Was it on the West Coast or East Coast? A neutral red state?

[Presumably West Coast] Dave and I grew up across the street from each other in Pennington, NJ, east coast.

Oh, cool. Have you ever kissed?

We were once dared to, but we didn’t go through with it.


So why the name “joulies”? Ex-girlfriend named Julie? Did you hope that by changing the spelling she wouldn’t notice?

Joule is the SI unit of energy; Joule… Joulie… Joulies! (no, she still hasn’t figured it out)

Would you consider licensing the tagline “Like ice, but hot!” from me for a few thousand dollars?

Please use our “Unsolicited Intellectual Property Dropbox” otherwise known as the comments tab of our kickstarter project, and we’ll get back to you right away.

So how do these things work? How would you explain these to your grandmother, provided she is not a physicist? Or a baby—how would you explain these to a baby, who is just so sick of her coffee getting cold too fast?

We actually spent a ridiculously long amount of time simplifying our message to get to what you now see on our Kickstarter profile page and in our video. We are engineers, and we speak engineer-ese accordingly (it’s a combination of graphs and Greek symbols). We were really tempted to write our page in engineer-ese, with all the graphs and whatnot, but we resisted and eventually boiled it down to, “Cools your coffee down three times as fast, and keeps it warm twice as long.” Seems to have worked nicely.

Do you have a toddler-safe version in the works?


Alright then.

Could you put these things in soup? Mashed potatoes? A too-hot bath? Have you ever taken a joulies-filled bath together, is what I’m asking.

Meaghan, what you do with your set of Joulies in the privacy of your own home is totally up to you. You backed us right? (ed: No, but I am now considering it!)

Okay, and now for the million dollar question:

Will these things leak and give you cancer?

Each Joulie will be individually leak-tested before leaving the factory. They will be extremely rugged, and it would be very unlikely that they will ever leak even after years of abuse. However, being that I’m an engineer, and now that it’s looking like were delivering 10’s of thousands of these things, I know that someone will probably find a way to get the magic goo to come out of at least one Joulie and then try to do something naughty with it. That’s why we chose a food based PCM that’s so completely harmless that you could actually drink it with no ill effects whatsoever. So no, no possibility of cancer.

You heard it here first, folks! Go forth and drink coffee.

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      How did you go about advertising this project and getting people to pledge? Did you go to any particular blog spots or news papers? I am currently just using word-of-mouth on Facebook and Twitter but want to cover all the key marketing strategies. My Projects here:

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