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Take a glance at our Activity Feed and you’ll see that Kickstarter creators have been a very, very busy bunch these days. Whether making music, wrapping films, or holding epic food fights (just wait), they’re having a great time with their creative endeavors and — lucky for us — they’re keeping us updated while they do it. Here are a few, particularly awesome recent developments. 

The crew behind Hoonah’s Heroes have been video-blogging their entire experience. The clips, which range from mock runway walks to straight-forward recollections of a day’s work, provide a charming portrait of the heart and spirit behind their production.

Am I Broken is a feature-length documentary following three teachers as they struggle to teach children with destructive behavioral disorders. Last week, they shared an amazing trailer of the completed film with backers. 

PB&J is an epic short film about a sandwich factory with a very large order to fill. If that alone doesn’t intrigue you, their hot-off-the-presses teaser trailer will. (Trust us. There’s a food fight.)

Jim Bianco wanted to make a record. What he made was a great project — and more than double his funding goal. As a thank you, he created this awesomely charming video for backers. We love it.

Nathanial Hansen is making a documentary which collects the short, stylized interviews he conducts with elderly people. His project was successful months ago, but he’s been keeping his backers in the loop by premiering finished clips (like the one above) and giving great production updates on his blog

Time lapse footage of an auditorium’s ceiling, crowded with the criss-crossing flight paths of model planes. A man bent over a wooden table, precisely fitting a pair of wings together. Slow-motion shots of the finished model, gliding across a large room and into his hands. Surreally lit and beautiful, these images are all part of the newly uploaded trailer for Float, a documentary about competitve airplane flying. 

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