Cool New Projects This Week

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I feel like I say this every week, but I’ll say it again: “We have so many cool, new projects to tell you about!” From mobile farms to weird science, strange spices to collaborative art projects, creators are finding new ways to blow our minds every single day. Here’s a handful of our recent favorites.

Truck Farm! - by, Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney

Last spring, Curt and Ian converted the bed of an old family pick-up truck into a fully mobile farm. The first harvest included arugula, tomatoes, and herbs — which they delivered to clients by simply driving it to their doorsteps. Super neat! The “Truck Farm” will be starring in Ian and Curt’s documentary on urban farming (they also happen to be the co-creators of another food doc, King Corn), and their Kickstarter project will help them with post-production.

Megawords Magazine - by, Megawords

Megawords call themselves a “non-commercial record of place and human experience,” and their goal is create an open dialogue between a community and its many, varied forms of personal expression and creation. So far, they’ve self-published twelve issues, broadcast a weekly internet radio show, and organized multiple live performances. Their Kickstarter project will help them continue their mission to be a self-funded, DIY enterprise. We’re definitely into it!

Raven’s Occasional Spice Club - by, Francis Raven

Raven’s Occasional Spice Club is — well — exactly that! Backers become club members at varying levels, and will receive everything from rare spices to “strange spices” to homemade spices. So exciting! So intriguing! Who would have thought that spices could be this thrilling?

Embodiment - by, Molly Landreth and Amelia Tovey

“Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America” uses short film and portraiture to explore the varied experiences of queer lives in America. Next year, the project will be launched as a free, traveling gallery installation and interactive website. In their pitch video, creators Molly and Amelia speak candidly about their work and their experiences, as well as offer a fascinating glimpse of the project thus far. 

The Crossed Genres “Science in My Fiction” contest - by, Bart Leib

by, Cindy Au

Bart, Kay, and their spotlight-stealing son, Baz, want to sponsor a contest for cool new science fiction stories inspired by real science.  They’ve got an all-star lineup of judges ready to go, including web-comic xkcd creator Randall Munroe!  Plus, for only $1 you get to see outtakes of Baz from the pitch video.  As Baz says, “I want more science in my fiction!”  We totally agree.     

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