Celebrating 100,000 Kickstarter Creators

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The Martha Graham Dance Company has run three Kickstarter projects. Photo by Brigid Pierce. Courtesy of Martha Graham Dance Company.
The Martha Graham Dance Company has run three Kickstarter projects. Photo by Brigid Pierce. Courtesy of Martha Graham Dance Company.

We were poking around in our stats and discovered that we recently passed a nice round milestone: More than 100,000 independent creators have funded their projects with Kickstarter.

Those creators come from every corner of the creative universe. They are documentary filmmakers, tabletop game developers, fashion designers, and open-source hardware tinkerers. They come from Provo and Malmo and Tulum. Some ran a single project that raised $100. Some have run dozens of projects. There are individuals like the designer Ji Lee with his Redundant Clock, and important cultural organizations like the Martha Graham Dance Company. Together they paint a picture of the independent creative landscape today.

 Here are some numbers behind those funded creators (there are actually closer to 107,000 of them already!):

  • Number of projects successfully funded on Kickstarter: 128,586 
  • Number of creators who have run more than one successfully funded project: 12,107 
  • Average amount raised by successfully funded projects: $21,698 
  • Median amount raised by successfully funded projects: $5,050 
  • Total amount of money pledged to successfully funded projects: $2,790,010,435 
  • Number of backers who have pledged to a successfully funded project: 11,789,656 
  • Total number of pledges to successfully funded projects: 32,863,094 
  • Average number of backers for successfully funded projects: 255

Many Kickstarter projects are the first step on a much longer creative journey. Creators often return to Kickstarter again and again to share their latest ideas with the people who helped get them started. For these creators, Kickstarter is a way to sustain their creative practice and engage a community over the long term. In fact, more than a third of the $3 billion pledged on Kickstarter has gone to repeat creators. Recently we celebrated many of these creators by asking them to put new spins on rewards from past projects for Kickstarter Gold.

None of these successes would have happened without the generous support of the backers who fuel this entire creative ecosystem. People from nearly every country on Earth have backed a project. To date, 13.2 million people have gotten behind ideas in the earlier stages of development here. And 32% of those people have supported more than one project.

When you combine that loyal backer community with our creators and their remarkable ideas, almost anything can happen. Here’s to the next 100,000 funded creators!

For more data on Kickstarter projects, check out our live stats page.