Bust a Move: Four Kickstarter-funded Dance Films Included in Dance on Camera Festival

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This February 3–7, Dance Films Association — the Brooklyn-based nonprofit that’s worked to preserve the art of dance on film for 60 years — is teaming up with the Film Society of Lincoln Center to host the spectacular Dance on Camera Festival. It’s an annual must-attend event for dance lovers here in NYC — and we’re thrilled to announce that four Kickstarter creators have films premiering in the festival, including world premieres and the coveted opening night slot.

Kickstarter has seen the Dance community coming together around works by Martha Graham Dance Company , Sonya Tayeh, Faye Driscoll, Body Cartography, Shaping Sound, and the San Francisco Ballet. It’s also been a hub for creators working on dance-focused documentaries and preserving movement on film, such as On Pointe, starring Juliet Doherty; the 16mm experimental film Ghost Line; and the now-live Liberty Express, a dance, film, and cultural exchange project that aims to connect and inspire children all over the world.

If you’re in the New York area, catch the following Kickstarter-funded dance films and meet the filmmakers and subjects at the festival starting this weekend.

World Premiere: Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer

“Kickstarter was much more than a crowdfunding platform for our film. It allowed us to connect with Marcelo Gomes fans, balletomanes around the world, and the Brazilian community. Our 301 backers represent five continents.” —James Pellerito, co-director of Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer

Anatomy of a Male Dancer
Anatomy of a Male Dancer
Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer
David Barba and James Pellerito, USA, 2016, 83m
Friday, February 3, 8:30pm
Q&A with Marcelo Gomes and directors David Barba and James Pellerito

Marcelo Gomes has been that rare dancer: a versatile leading man and, arguably, the best partner of his generation. Just listen to how Julie Kent, Veronika Part, and others light up when they speak about him! The filmmakers take us on an intimate journey from Gomes’s native Brazil to the stage of the Metropolitan and beyond to show just how much dedication and discipline are required to reach the top and how much physical stress is imposed on the body in the process.

East Coast Premiere: Looking at the Stars (Olhando pras estrelas)

 “We knew that the community behind our project had to grow organically, nurtured by the cause behind our project — namely the idea that everyone with or without a disability deserves the opportunity to become their true selves. This cause is like the roots of our tree, and Kickstarter has been the trunk, the support. It is beautiful to see how the branches — the family and community, deeply and sincerely connected — continue to grow and blossom.” — Director Alexandre Peralta, Looking at the Stars 

Looking at the Stars
Looking at the Stars

Looking at the Stars (Olhando pras estrelas)

Alexandre Peralta, Brazil, 2016, 90m

Friday, February 3, 6:15pm
Q&A with Alexandre Peralta and producer/cinematographer Alejandro Martinez

The Fernanda Bianchini Ballet Association for the Blind in São Paulo is the sole ballet school in the world for the visually impaired. The film tells the story of two youth in the program: Geyza, who lost her vision at the age of nine but continues to pursue her dream to become a ballerina, and Thalia, her teenage protegée, who has multiple aspirations and a feisty personality. Both are without a trace of self-pity. For each, ballet is an important creative outlet and a means of becoming a more powerful self. Watching them confront their daily challenges proves to be a deeply emotional experience.

East Coast Premiere: Being and Nothingness

“Amazing international artists like Guillaume Côté and Greta Hodgkinson have legions of fans, and Kickstarter was a perfect way to allow these fans to be part of the project with us and give them ownership of the work itself. The process was enriched by the participation of so many people through Kickstarter, and their pride in the end results was extremely rewarding."  — Anymotions Productions, producers of Being and Nothingness
Being and Nothingness
Being and Nothingness
Being and Nothingness
Alejandro Alvarez, Canada, 2016, 8m
Monday, February 6, 6:00pm

Using Jean-Paul Sartre’s existential philosophy as a springboard, the Canadian choreographer Guillaume Côté creates tension with his solo set for National Ballet of Canada prima ballerina Greta Hodgkinson set to Philip Glass’s hypnotic “Metamorphosis Four.”

World Premiere: Into Sunlight

 “Our Kickstarter campaign spread the word about the film's ongoing progress and was a really potent way to raise awareness about the dance and the documentary.  The viral campaign energized everyone working on the film.” — Director Ron Hosa, Into Sunlight 
Into Sunlight
Into Sunlight
Into Sunlight
Ron Honsa, USA, 2016, 70m
Saturday, February 4, 1:00pm
Q&A with Ron Honsa, David Maraniss, and Robin Becker

This documentary brings together a choreographer, her dancers, and inspiration drawn from Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Maraniss, whose book They Marched into Sunlight chronicles the Vietnam War era and the effects of war on those in battle and at home. The year is 1967, the year of famous antiwar student protests on the University of Wisconsin campus — and the challenge for choreographer Robin Becker is to combine these events into a full-scale contemporary dance. Amazingly, the dancers absorb the complex material and make a stunning contribution to the multilayered work. In this film, the director blends rehearsal and performance footage with interviews with key figures from the book — and David Maraniss himself.

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