Brendan Mackie Writes His Second Novel

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Brendan Mackie’s Help Me Write My Second Novel is one of Kickstarter’s earliest successes. Mackie, a novelist, sought $500 so that he could devote himself fulltime to writing. To attract backers, Mackie came up with some ingenious rewards, including fake facts written for you, a month as your personal writing slave, and our favorite: “I will name a minor character whatever you want. Within reason. No Purpledick McStinkblossom or anything.” Thanks to inventiveness like this, the project took off like a shot.

Currently the project has been pledged $536 with eleven more days to go. We sent Brendan some questions about his project and, true to his writerly nature, he responded with an essay on his project and Kickstarter. Here it is:

I joined Kickstarter so I could get support to write my second novel.
I’ve managed to finish novel number one, and am presently going
through the glacial slowness of trying to get it published.  I want to
keep on writing, but I don’t have the funds.  With the Kickstarter
community’s help, now my life as a starving artist will have a little
less starving, and a lot more art.

I chose my rewards based on what I could produce.  I write, so I
thought that, in addition to giving naming rights to some characters,
I could offer to write some things for the people who donated stuff.

About three quarters of my backers I know personally, but by far the
bulk of the money I got was given to me by perfect strangers.
Emphasis, I would like to add, on the word perfect.

How am I going to be updating people?  I don’t know.  I’ve recently
faced a hard-drive crash which has made my productive time a little
more harried.  I think I am just going to provide my backers with what
they got according to their donations, and tell them only when the
project is completely complete.

My favourite band?  Right now it’s Okkervil River. Been listening to
the extensively coinciding with an unfortunate bout of melancholy.

What was unanticipated was how quickly I could get support!  And the
super wonderful kindness of strangers.

What would I change.  Hmm.  I don’t know yet.  Ask me when it’s finished.