Boston Music Scene Unites

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Sometimes things in the music world don’t work out as planned. Just ask Marissa Nadler and Hallelujah The Hills, both of whom reside in Boston, and have turned to Kickstarter to help fund their next records. While both acts had released previous albums on notable indie labels -– Mexican Summer and Misra, respectively -– they found themselves in similar situations when neither of them were picked up by their label for a subsequent record. (This was made even more complicated for Nadler, whose former label took their name from one of Nadler’s songs.)

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Both Marissa and Hallelujah The Hills have been enjoying some success with their projects (both are over 50% funded with weeks left) by reaching out to their existing, and ever-growing, fan bases, and tapping into what their fans want -– advance copies of the latest recordings, rare demos, one-of-a-kind art. They’ve also been influential in each others projects, with Hallelujah the Hills Ryan Walsh lending his video expertise to Marissa to help create her project video, in addition to a project update. In turn, Marissa was one of the first people to back Hallelujah The Hills project, and vice-versa.

While unforeseen obstacles are always causing havoc on musicians (Hallelujah The Hills drummer quit the band Saturday night while playing a Halloween show in Boston), it’s amazing to see how resilient artists can be, never letting a bad situation get the best of them. Rather, these setbacks propel their work forward, giving them even more reason to connect with their fans and get their music out in the public sphere. And, in turn, support each other.