Blowing Up A Giant Guitar (Sort of)

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A giant guitar on fire. a short film by IDNOCL — by Daniel Danger

We could all learn a lesson or two on brevity from project creator Daniel Danger. Just take the intro for his pitch video: “Hi, I’m in the movie Independence Day. I have a giant guitar. I got it from somewhere I can’t really explain. My plan is to bring it to a field, put a bunch of drums and amps in front of it, and just see what happens.” BOOM. And just like that, you’ve got us hook, line, and holy-crap-massive-exploding-guitar.

Mr. Danger was aiming to create a three minute HD music video out of this fiery, “nothing-could-possibly-go-wrong” excursion, and he recently posted a sizzle reel (non-movie slang: “preview”) for the finished piece:

This video celebrates a very important moment in the filmmaking process where we all said together, as one voice, “I cannot possibly wait any longer to start showing people this giant burning guitar.” You see it? Do you see all that fire? It’s right there, man!

What else can we say? Now let’s all practice some brevity together, and just hit #%@*ing play (man).
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