Biosensing and CES 2016: Creator Hangout with OpenBCI

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We ended this year's run of Creator Hangouts with a chat featuring Joel Murphy of OpenBCI. Joel was right on the tail end of his third successful Kickstarter campaign (a project with the ambition of making biosensing hardware available to everybody) and getting ready to head to the Consumer Electronics Show. Listen in on our talk:

Joel also had a lot of great pointers on running a campaign. Here are a few that stood out:

  • "Prototype, prototype, prototype!" Joel reminds anyone thinking about running a hardware campaign not to skimp on developing and sharing a working prototype. (We name a few services that can help you do that here).
  • Leverage the press and support you received for your first campaign in subsequent campaigns.
  • Think of ways to invite your community directly into your campaign, whether through forums or open-sourcing your code.