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Honeysuckle Hype: Eat Your Heart Out

Honeysuckle Hype is a self-proclaimed “queer feminist sexually-explicit performance artist” who has a love for beef jerky and a talent for storytelling. She used Kickstarter to fund a tour of her live cooking show, promising backers spirited rewards like personalized valentines, love letters sealed with a kiss, and juicy updates from the road. In the end, it wasn’t just her bright orange wig that won us over — but a project that was outrageous, audacious and totally, totally fun.

Honorable Mention: Coyote Pursues mesmerized us with their intricately crafted coyote marionettes, Hamlet on Alcatraz transformed the most unlikely of venues into something truly magical, and Fog’s video had us in a lovely trance for days.

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