Best Practices for Translating your Project Page

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One part of running a Kickstarter campaign is figuring out how to reach the people that will be interested in supporting your idea. This usually involves sharing a compelling story around what you’re making and figuring out how you’ll reach out to people about your project. But it’s important that your project page is inclusive of the community that you’re trying to reach and available in their language. Here are some tips for translating your project page and adding subtitles and captions to your project video. You can also read it in French, German, Spanish, or Japanese.

Know your community and include translations to reach a wider audience.

  • Build your project page with your community in mind. For example, if your community is mostly Spanish-speaking, then include a Spanish-language description, and film your video in Spanish.
  • English translations and subtitles can help your project appeal to a wider audience. Approximately 75% of Kickstarter backers come from English-speaking countries.
  • Use the subtitles and captions tool to add tracks to your project video, or to other videos in your description and updates.
  • Work with a native speaker, professional translator, or translation service to translate your project page and provide captions for your project video. For example, we’ve worked with translators Angela BenoitAnja Fulle, and Sandy Jones, and with services like OneHourTranslation.
  • No matter what translation service you go with, always ask a native speaker to double check your copy. Incorrect or unclear translations can confuse potential backers and make it difficult to consider your project for features on Kickstarter.

Create a description format that supports multiple languages.

  • Use italics or section headers to organize your text. 
  • Try out ways of formatting that will allow you to use multiple languages. This project had their English and German text side by side. 
  • Use project updates to address FAQs in different languages or to share translations of your project's description and rewards. 
  • Some creators even create micro-sites to keep translated versions organized and separate. Keep in mind that this approach will direct backers away from your main page, though.

Keep your project title simple and easy to search.

  • Make sure that any keywords used to describe your project are included in your title and blurb so that it can be found easily when searching.
  • Your project title should be in your main audience’s language.
  • Note that Kickstarter’s search tool is accent mark friendly.

Focus on the unique and interesting parts of your story.

  • If you can’t translate your entire project page, focus on the basics. Make sure that people can understand the who, what, when, where, and why behind your idea.
  • Include images, sound clips, and GIFs. What will catch people’s attention and appeal to audiences that speak various languages? 
  • Share your project preview with a friend and ask them to read over your page for grammatical and spelling errors. 
Share your approach to translating your project page.
Share your approach to translating your project page.

*Our team currently works in English, French, German, and Spanish. If you’re including copy in any other language, we ask that you provide an English-language translation. Thank you!

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