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The Oldest Living Things in the World by Rachel Sussman

Rachel Sussman’s incredible story introduced us to 5,000-year-old moss, 100,000-year-old clonal grass, and a dozen more of the oldest living things in the world. The photography project has sent Rachel around the globe in pursuit of ancient organisms, and she used Kickstarter to help continue the chase. Over 200 people — ourselves included — joined her amazing story, and received a slew of neat rewards in return, including tickets to Rachel’s exhibition, limited edition artwork, prints, and studio invites.
Honorable Mention: Krisanne Johnson’s I Love You Real Fast was winning awards even before she came to Kickstarter, and just last month she landed in TIME Magazine’s Best Photos of 2010; Academy-award-winning director Zana Briski brought us the mesmerising Reverence, a high concept photography exhibit focused on the unusual beauty of the praying mantis. 

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