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Putty Hill by Matt Porterfield

Putty Hill director Matt Porterfield spent years on a project called Metal Gods — winning awards for its script and recruiting a cast of non-actors from malls and local metal shows — before funding (what else?) fell through at the eleventh hour. From the ashes of Metal Gods came Putty Hill, a brilliant film that weaves narrative storytelling and documentary-style filmmaking. Roger Ebert gave it a four-star rave and The New Yorker gushed, “if there’s an independent cinema, this movie is it, and if there’s a new director, here he is.” Audiences can see for themselves in February when Putty Hill opens in theaters.
Honorable Mention: We fell hard for the underdog story behind 95ers: Echoes, a true DIY production; Todd Chandler’s lush Flood Tide was among the standouts at the Kickstarter Film Festival; and who can forget the amazing story of Blue Like Jazz?

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    1. Tom Durham on

      HEY YANCEY! Thanks for noticing 95ers. Kickstarter has been so awesome. Did I mention that 95ers is completed and in distribution in Asia??? THANK YOU KICKSTARTER! I'm currently cooking up the next sci-fi movie to take kickstarter by storm! :)

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