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Best in Show: Reward (Object)

Musical Robots are Ready for the Next OCTANT Release on Vinyl's video poster
Handmade Theremin Wristwatch, Musical Robots are Ready for the next OCTANT Release

Matthew Steinke is Octant, a one-man band featuring a slew of homemade, robotic instruments. His project was to release his new album on vinyl, but one reward in particular really caught our eye: a homemade Theremin watch. Matthew demos the watch at the one minute mark of his video, and it’s a mind-blowing artifact.

A sampler runs into the wrist-piece, with the small stem bendable and wave-able for all kinds of Theremin-y goodness. In all, seven backers grabbed the watch for a reasonable $300 — and we badly wish we were among them. In the event of a Kickstarter museum ever happening, this will be one of its inaugural pieces.

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